Image of Ron Vawter

Ron Vawter

1948-12-09 Latham, New York, USA

Image of Ron Vawter


Ron Vawter (December 9, 1948 – April 16, 1994) was an American actor and a founding member of the experimental theater company The Wooster Group. Vawter performed in most of the group's works until his death from a heart attack in 1994 at the age of 45.


Rumstick Road 2014-05-01
Fresh Kill 1996-01-12
Roy Cohn/Jack Smith Roy Cohn / Jack Smith 1995-08-04
The Last Time I Saw Ron Ron Vawter 1994-01-01
King of the Hill Mr. Desot - Hotel Manager 1993-08-20
Brace Up! 1993-04-01
Philadelphia Bob Seidman 1993-12-22
White Homeland Commando 1993-03-04
Swoon State's Attorney Crowe 1992-09-11
Mastergate Nat Picker 1992-11-01
The Silence of the Lambs Paul Krendler 1991-02-14
Women & Men 2: In Love There Are No Rules Ad Man 1991-08-18
Johnny Suede Winston 1991-08-18
Plymouth Percy 1991-05-26
The Cabinet of Dr. Ramirez Dr. Ramirez 1991-12-04
Made in Hollywood Matt 1990-01-01
Postcards Fred 1990-02-18
Internal Affairs Jaegar 1990-01-12
The Machine That Killed Bad People 1990-02-14
sex, lies, and videotape Therapist 1989-08-04
Fat Man and Little Boy Jamie Latrobe 1989-10-20
Twister Man in Bar 1989-06-01
Used Innocence Donald Eisenberg 1989-01-01
Volcano Saga Gest 1989-01-01
Arena Brains Man with Cigar 1987-10-01
Atalanta Strategy Immigration Staff/Flying Saucer 1984-01-01
King Blank King Blank 1983-03-10
Born in Flames FBI Agent 1983-04-01
Strong Medicine Max 1981-01-01
Empty Suitcases 1980-01-01
Sudden Death Businessman (uncredited) 1977-05-01
Minus Zero Freud