Image of James Griffith

James Griffith

1916-02-13 Los Angeles, California, USA

Image of James Griffith


James Griffith was an American character actor, musician, and screenwriter.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Uncle Silas 1981-07-09
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Squire Van Tassel 1980-10-31
Desperate Women Jonas Scurlock 1978-10-25
Flood! Charlie Davis 1977-06-05
The Gift Tav 1977-01-01
Seven Alone Billy Shaw 1974-12-20
Hitchhike! Sheriff Bentley 1974-02-23
Dial Hot Line Sam 1970-03-08
Like It Is Father 1970-08-26
Heaven with a Gun Abraham Murdock 1969-05-20
Seven in Darkness Harlan Cabot 1969-09-23
Lorna The Man of God 1964-09-11
Advance to the Rear Hugo Zattig 1964-06-10
How the West Was Won Gambler (uncredited) 1962-10-01
The Storm Ed Brandies 1962-01-21
モーガン警部と謎の男 Detective Tom 1961-08-13
North to Alaska Salvation Army Leader 1960-11-07
Spartacus Otho (uncredited) 1960-10-13
The Amazing Transparent Man Major Paul Krenner 1960-02-01
The Big Fisherman Beggar 1959-08-04
Frontier Gun Cash Skelton 1958-10-31
Man from God's Country Mark Faber 1958-02-09
Return to Warbow Frank Hollister 1958-01-15
Bullwhip 'Slow' Karp 1958-05-25
Seven Guns to Mesa Papa Clellan 1958-03-16
The Guns of Fort Petticoat Kipper 1957-04-01
The Vampire Henry Winston 1957-06-01
Omar Khayyam Buzorg 1957-08-23
Domino Kid Sam Beal 1957-10-01
Manhunt in Space Ken, Cassa 7 Air Controller 1956-01-01
The Killing Mr. Grimes 1956-06-06
The First Texan Davy Crockett 1956-06-29
Tribute to a Bad Man Barjak 1956-03-30
Rebel in Town Marshal Adam Russell 1956-07-30
At Gunpoint Alexander 1955-12-25
The Night of the Hunter District Attorney (uncredited) 1955-08-26
I Cover the Underworld Smiley Di Angelo 1955-05-19
Count Three and Pray Swallow 1955-10-01
Apache Ambush Abraham Lincoln 1955-08-24
The Boy from Oklahoma Joe Downey 1954-07-15
The Shanghai Story Carl Hoyt 1954-09-01
Masterson of Kansas Doc Holliday 1954-12-01
Day of Triumph Judas Iscariot 1954-12-25
Rails Into Laramie Orrie Sommers 1954-04-14
The Black Dakotas Warren 1954-09-02
Dragnet Jesse Quinn 1954-09-04
Ride Clear of Diablo Henry - Train Conductor (uncredited) 1954-02-10
Jesse James vs. the Daltons Bob Dalton 1954-04-02
The Law vs. Billy the Kid Pat Garrett 1954-08-01
No Escape Peter Hayden 1953-07-31
Kansas Pacific Joe Farley 1953-02-22
I Beheld His Glory Caiaphas 1953-03-31
Eight Iron Men Pvt. Ferguson 1952-12-01
Red Skies of Montana Boise Peterson 1952-01-23
The Lady Pays Off Ronald 1951-10-04
Payment on Demand Arthur 1951-02-03
Apache Drums Lt. Glidden 1951-04-01
Rhubarb Ogelthorpe Meadows 1951-08-29
Chain of Circumstance Sid 1951-08-23
The Blue Veil Joplin's Agent (Uncredited) 1951-10-26
Double Deal Walter Karnes 1950-12-01
Indian Territory Apache Kid aka Johnny Corday 1950-09-29
The Breaking Point Charlie, Bartender (uncredited) 1950-10-06
Bright Leaf Ellery (uncredited) 1950-06-16
The Petty Girl Royal Roof Orchestra Leader (uncredited) 1950-08-17
The Cariboo Trail Higgins 1950-08-01
Daughter of the West Jed Morgan (as James J. Griffith) 1949-02-15
Holiday Affair Crowley's Floorwalker (uncredited) 1949-12-24
Search for Danger Lt. Cooper 1949-04-15
Oh, You Beautiful Doll Joe, a Reporter 1949-11-11
Blonde Ice Al Herrick 1948-07-24
Every Girl Should Be Married Insurance Salesman 1948-12-25