Image of Edward Hardwicke

Edward Hardwicke

1932-08-07 London, England

Image of Edward Hardwicke



Oliver Twist Mr. Brownlow 2005-09-23
Love Actually Sam's Grandfather 2003-09-07
The Gathering Storm Mr. Wood 2002-04-22
She Ludovico H. Holly 2001-01-01
Enigma Heaviside 2001-01-22
David Copperfield Mr. Wickfield 2001-12-25
Mary, Mother of Jesus Zachariah 1999-11-14
The Alchemists Richard Bannerman 1999-11-15
Parting Shots Dr. Joseph 1999-05-14
Appetite Jonathan 1998-08-12
Elizabeth Earl of Arundel 1998-09-13
Photographing Fairies Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1997-09-19
The Scarlet Letter Gov. John Bellingham 1995-10-13
Richard III Lord Stanley 1995-12-29
Shadowlands Warnie Lewis 1993-12-25
The Last Vampyre Dr. John Watson 1993-03-14
The Eligible Bachelor Dr. John Watson 1993-02-03
The Master Blackmailer Dr. John Watson 1992-02-02
Let Him Have It Approved School Principal 1991-10-04
The Hound of the Baskervilles Dr. John Watson 1988-08-31
The Sign of Four Dr. John Watson 1987-03-07
Titus Andronicus Marcus 1985-04-25
Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Dr. Pierre Dubois 1985-03-22
Off Peak Barry 1985-01-01
Vengeance Peter Carmody 1984-04-01
The Biko Inquest Professor Proctor 1984-11-01
Last Love Dr. Alan Lyle 1983-03-01
The Last Term 1983-04-05
John David Paediatrician 1982-11-23
A Cotswold Death Brinson 1982-01-12
The Bunker Dieter Stahl 1981-04-15
Venom Lord Dunning 1981-11-28
Full Circle Captain Paul Winter 1978-02-09
Grace Clive 1975-09-09
The Black Windmill Mike McCarthy 1974-05-17
Back of Beyond Gareth 1974-11-14
The Next Scream You Hear Gifford 1974-07-06
The Day of the Jackal Charles Harold Calthrop 1973-05-16
Belgrove Hotel, Goodbye Stephen 1970-05-27
The Reckoning Mitchell 1970-01-31
Otley Lambert 1969-03-11
Journey Into Darkness Dr. Frank Yarrow 1968-01-01
A Flea In Her Ear Pierre Chandebisse, Victor's Nephew 1968-11-27
Othello Montano 1965-12-15
Hell Below Zero Ulvik 1954-01-13
The Men of Sherwood Forest 1954-11-01
A Guy Named Joe George - English Boy (uncredited) 1943-12-24