Image of Victor Maddern

Victor Maddern

1926-03-16 Seven Kings, Ilford, Essex, England

Image of Victor Maddern


Victor Jack Maddern was an English actor, described by The Telegraph as having "one of the most distinctive and eloquent faces in post-war British cinema."


The Best Of Dick Emery 2005-07-11
Sweet Nothing Frankie 1990-09-23
Defrosting the Fridge Barney 1989-03-26
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Steptoe & Son Chauffeur 1972-03-01
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The Magnificent Two Drunken Soldier 1967-07-05
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Bunny Lake Is Missing Cabbie 1965-10-03
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The Longest Day Camp Cook (uncredited) 1962-09-25
H.M.S. Defiant Dawlish 1962-04-15
Petticoat Pirates CPO Nixon 1961-11-01
Raising the Wind Removal Man 1961-09-06
On the Fiddle 1st Airman 1961-10-10
Sink the Bismarck! Able Seaman Outside Admiralty (uncredited) 1960-02-11
Let's Get Married 1960-03-22
Exodus Sergeant 1960-12-15
Light Up the Sky! Lance Bombardier Tomlinson 1960-07-05
Watch Your Stern Sailor fishing for bike 1960-10-14
Crossroads to Crime Len 1960-11-01
The Siege of Pinchgut Bert 1959-08-01
Please Turn Over Manager 1959-12-17
I'm All Right Jack Knowles 1959-08-18
Son of a Stranger Lenny 1958-03-03
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Blood of the Vampire Carl 1958-08-25
Cat & Mouse Supt. Harding 1958-08-01
I Was Monty's Double Orderly Sergeant 1958-10-21
The Safecracker Morris 1958-03-05
Dunkirk Merchant Seaman 1958-03-20
The Man in the Sky Joe Biggs 1957-01-24
Strangers' Meeting Willie Fisher 1957-10-30
Saint Joan English Soldier 1957-05-08
Abandon Ship Willy Hawkins 1957-03-12
Barnacle Bill Figg 1957-12-17
A Hill in Korea Pvt. Lindop 1956-09-18
Child in the House Bert 1956-08-14
The Last Man to Hang Bonaker 1956-08-01
Private's Progress Private George Blake 1956-02-17
It's a Great Day Charlie Mead 1955-01-01
The Night My Number Came Up The Engineer 1955-03-22
The Cockleshell Heroes Sgt. Craig 1955-11-16
Footsteps in the Fog Jones 1955-09-14
Josephine and Men Henry 1955-11-09
The Sea Shall Not Have Them Gus Westover 1954-06-01
Carrington V.C. Bombardier Owen 1954-12-09
The Young Lovers Sailor (uncredited) 1954-08-24
Time Bomb Saboteur 1953-02-05
Sailor of the King Signalman Willy Earnshaw 1953-06-11
The Good Beginning Bookies Runner 1953-10-05
Malta Story Army Airfield Soldier 1953-06-01
Street of Shadows Danny 'Limpy' Thomas 1953-10-16
The Planter's Wife Radio Operator 1952-12-04
His Excellency Second Soldier 1952-01-22
Top Secret British N.C.O. 1952-11-10
Angels One Five Airman 1952-03-19
High Treason 1951-11-13
Pool of London 1951-02-20
The Franchise Affair Mechanic 1951-02-19
Morning Departure 1950-02-21