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Cesar Romero

1907-02-15 New York City, New York, USA

Image of Cesar Romero


Cesar Julio Romero, Jr. (February 15, 1907 – January 1, 1994) was a Cuban-American film and television actor who was active in film, radio, and television for almost sixty years. His wide range of screen roles included Latin lovers, historical figures in costume dramas, characters in light domestic comedies, and as The Joker in television's Batman series.


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The Proud and Damned San Carlos' Mayor 1972-07-01
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Mooch Goes to Hollywood Cesar Romero (uncredited) 1971-12-31
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes A.J. Arno 1969-12-29
A Talent for Loving Landbesitzer 1969-01-01
Crooks and Coronets Nick Marco 1969-04-02
緯度0大作戦 Dr. Malic / Lt. Hastings 1969-07-26
Midas Run Carlo Dodero 1969-05-07
Target: Harry Lt. George Duval 1969-05-23
Skidoo Hechy 1968-12-19
Hot Millions Customs Inspector 1968-09-19
Un Dollaro per 7 vigliacchi Mike Madigan 1968-05-30
Batman The Joker 1966-07-30
Two on a Guillotine John Harley 'Duke' Duquesne 1965-01-13
Broken Sabre General Arriola 1965-03-28
Marriage on the Rocks Miguel Santos 1965-09-24
Sergeant Dead Head Admiral Stoneham 1965-08-18
La verifica incerta 1965-05-31
Salute to Stan Laurel Himself 1965-11-23
A House Is Not a Home Charlie "Lucky" Luciano 1964-08-12
El valle de las espadas Jerónimo 1963-04-13
Donovan's Reef Andre de Lage 1963-06-12
If a Man Answers Robert Swan / Adam Wright 1962-10-10
Seven Women from Hell Luis Hullman 1961-10-01
The Runaway Father Dugan 1961-01-01
Ocean's Eleven Duke Santos 1960-08-10
Pepe Cesar Romero 1960-12-21
Villa!! Tomás Lopez 1958-10-01
The Story of Mankind Spanish Envoy 1957-11-08
Around the World in Eighty Days Abdullah's Henchman 1956-10-17
The Leather Saint Tony Lorenzo 1956-06-06
The Americano Manuel Silvera / 'El Gato' / Barbossa 1955-01-19
The Racers Carlos Chavez 1955-02-04
Vera Cruz Marquis Henri de Labordere 1954-12-25
Street of Shadows Luigi 1953-10-16
Prisoners of the Casbah Firouz 1953-11-03
El corazón y la espada Don Pedro de Rivera 1953-01-01
The Jungle Rama Singh 1952-08-01
Lady in the Fog Philip 'Phil' O'Dell 1952-10-13
FBI Girl Glen Stedman 1951-11-04
Lost Continent Maj. Joe Nolan 1951-08-17
Happy Go Lovely John Frost 1951-03-06
Love That Brute Pretty Willie Wetzchahofsky 1950-06-06
Once a Thief Mitch Moore 1950-07-07
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend Blackie Jobero 1949-05-27
That Lady in Ermine Count Mario 1948-08-24
Deep Waters Joe Sanger 1948-07-22
Julia Misbehaves Fred Ghenoccio 1948-08-08
Carnival in Costa Rica Pepe Castro 1947-03-28
Captain from Castile Hernando Cortez 1947-12-25
Take It or Leave It Himself 1944-07-17
Wintertime Brad Barton 1943-09-17
Coney Island Joe Rocco 1943-06-18
Orchestra Wives St. John "Sinjin" Smith 1942-09-04
Springtime in the Rockies Victor Prince 1942-11-06
Tales of Manhattan Harry Wilson 1942-08-05
A Gentleman at Heart Tony Miller 1942-01-16
The Great American Broadcast Bruce Chadwick 1941-05-09
Week-End in Havana Monte Blanca 1941-10-17
Dance Hall Duke McKay 1941-07-18
Romance of the Rio Grande Cisco Kid 1941-01-17
Ride on Vaquero Cisco Kid 1941-04-18
Tall, Dark and Handsome J.J. "Shep" Morrison 1941-01-24
He Married His Wife Freddie 1940-01-19
Lucky Cisco Kid The Cisco Kid 1940-06-28
The Gay Caballero Cisco Kid 1940-10-04
Viva Cisco Kid Cisco Kid 1940-04-12
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island Fred Rhadini 1939-08-31
Frontier Marshal John 'Doc' Halliday 1939-07-28
Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 8 Cesar Romero 1939-04-08
The Little Princess Ram Dass 1939-03-17
Wife, Husband and Friend Hugo 1939-03-03
The Cisco Kid and the Lady Cisco Kid 1939-12-29
The Return of the Cisco Kid Lopez 1939-04-28
Hollywood Hobbies Himself (uncredited) 1939-05-03
Happy Landing Duke Sargent 1938-01-23
Five of a Kind Duke Lester 1938-10-14
My Lucky Star George Cabot Jr 1938-09-09
Always Goodbye Count Giovanni 'Gino' Corini 1938-06-24
She's Dangerous Nick Sheldon, alias Al Shaw 1937-01-24
Wee Willie Winkie Khoda Khan 1937-07-30
Dangerously Yours Victor Morell 1937-09-21
Armored Car Petack 1937-06-01
Ali Baba Goes to Town Himself 1937-10-29
15 Maiden Lane Frank Peyton 1936-10-16
Nobody's Fool Dizzy Rantz 1936-06-01
Screen Snapshots (Series 16, No. 1) 1936-09-11
Public Enemy's Wife Gene Maroc 1936-07-24
Love Before Breakfast Bill Wadsworth 1936-03-09
Show Them No Mercy! Tobey 1935-12-06
Diamond Jim Jerry Richardson 1935-09-01
A Dream Comes True Himself (uncredited) 1935-12-31
The Devil Is a Woman Antonio Galvan 1935-05-03
Rendezvous Capt. Nicholas 'Nikki' Nieterstein 1935-10-25
The Good Fairy Joe 1935-02-18
Hold 'Em Yale Georgie, the Chaser 1935-04-27
Clive of India Mir Jaffar 1935-01-25
Metropolitan Niki Baroni 1935-10-17
Cardinal Richelieu Andre de Pons 1935-04-18
British Agent Tito Del Val 1934-09-15
The Thin Man Chris Jorgenson 1934-05-25
Cheating Cheaters Tom Palmer 1934-11-05
The Shadow Laughs Tony Rico 1933-03-26