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Steve Oedekerk

1961-11-27 Los Angeles, California, USA

Image of Steve Oedekerk


Steve Oedekerk is an American comedian, director, editor, producer, screenwriter and actor. Oedekerk is best known for his collaborations with actor Jim Carrey and director Tom Shadyac (particularly the Ace Ventura franchise), his series of "Thumbmation" shorts and his film Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (2002).


Thumb Wars IX: The Thighs of Skyskipper Loke Skyskipper 2019-12-20
Barnyard Snotty Boy / Mr. Beady / Snotty Boy's Father (voice) 2006-08-04
The Godthumb The Godthumb / Johnny Paesano / Italian Man (voice) 2002-12-21
The Blair Thumb Vic / FrankenThumb / Hick Fisherman (voice) 2002-01-22
Frankenthumb Pepper / Narrator / Frankenbatthumb / Italian Man (voice) 2002-09-24
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist The Chosen One 2002-01-25
Thumb Wars/Thumbtanic Thumb Double Feature Loke Groundrunner / Dad / Jake / 'We've Been Hit' (voice) 2002-08-06
Santa vs. the Snowman 2002-11-01
Bat Thumb Bat Thumb / Wuce Bane / Dumb Man / Beat Cop (voice) 2001-01-01
Thumbtanic Jake / Designer / Stevine Odion / 'We've Been Hit' (voice) 2000-07-07
Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle Loke Groundrunner / Beboobeep / Unwise Council Member / The Puppet / Gabba the Butt / Big Toe & Yes Man / Aunt Gonnabiteit (voice) 1999-11-02
Nothing to Lose Security Guard Baxter 1997-07-18 1997-09-03
High Strung Thane Furrows 1992-01-08
The 1984 Los Angeles Comedy Competition With Host Jay Leno Self 1991-12-27
Casual Sex? Joey 1988-04-22