Image of Andrew Bicknell

Andrew Bicknell


Image of Andrew Bicknell



Last Night in Soho Mr. Pointer 2021-10-21
All Those Small Things Michael 2021-04-09
De Gaulle General Edward Spears 2020-03-04
धूम ३ Anderson 2013-12-19
जब तक है जान Frank 2012-11-13
The Dark Knight Prison Ferry Pilot 2008-07-14
Attack Force Robinson 2006-12-05
The Gospel of John Government Official 2003-09-11
Crush Mr Yacht 2001-08-19
A Dog of Flanders Stephens 1999-08-27
The Whipping Boy King 1994-07-31
Gore Vidal's Billy the Kid Tunstall 1989-05-10
Hope and Glory Honeymoon Couple #2 1987-09-03
Roman Holiday Elite Guard (Squad Leader) 1987-12-28
Lady Jane John Dudley 1986-02-07
Fords on Water Soldier in Nightmare 1983-01-01
The Crimson Permanent Assurance 1983-03-31
The Meaning of Life (Segment "The Crimson Permanent Assurance") 1983-03-31