Image of André Maranne

André Maranne

1926-05-14 Toulouse, France

Image of André Maranne



Plenty Villon 1985-09-20
Morons from Outer Space Prof. Trousseau 1985-03-29
The Razor's Edge Joseph the Butler 1984-10-19
Trail of the Pink Panther Sergeant François Duval 1982-12-03
Rise and Fall of Idi Amin French Ambassador 1981-07-16
Revenge of the Pink Panther François 1978-01-08
The Pink Panther Strikes Again Francois 1976-12-15
The Return of the Pink Panther Sgt. François Chevalier 1975-05-21
Bequest to the Nation Adm. Villeneuve 1973-04-18
Our Miss Fred Resistance Fighter (as Andre Maranne) 1972-12-14
Darling Lili Lt. Liggett 1970-06-18
Duffy Garain 1968-09-16
The Girl on a Motorcycle French Superintendent / French Customs Officer 1968-06-21
Doctor Who: The Moonbase Benoit 1967-03-04
The Terrornauts Gendarme 1967-02-01
Doctor in Clover Pierre in French Movie (Uncredited) 1966-03-08
Night Train to Paris Louis Vernay 1964-09-22
A Shot in the Dark François 1964-06-23
The Greengage Summer M. Dutour 1961-05-01
Two Wives at One Wedding Paul Dassin 1961-08-01
Behemoth, the Sea Monster French Radio Officer (uncredited) 1959-03-03
Carve Her Name with Pride Garage Man 1958-02-18
Loser Takes All Bar Waiter (uncredited) 1956-09-09