Image of Jack Elam

Jack Elam

1920-11-13 Miami, Gila, Arizona, USA

Image of Jack Elam


Colorful American character actor equally adept at vicious killers or grizzled sidekicks. As a child he worked in the cotton fields. He attended Santa Monica Junior College in California and subsequently became an accountant and, at one time, manager of the Bel Air Hotel. Elam got his first movie job by trading his accounting services for a role. In short time he became one of the most memorable supporting players in Hollywood, thanks not only to his near-demented screen persona but also to an out-of-kilter left eye, sightless from a childhood fight. He appeared with great aplomb in Westerns and gangster films alike, and in later years played to wonderful effect in comedic roles.


Big Guns Talk: The Story of the Western Self 1997-07-27
Bonanza: Under Attack Buckshot 1995-01-15
Uninvited Grady 1993-01-01
Bonanza: The Return Buckshot 1993-11-24
Shadow Force Tommy 1992-12-01
Suburban Commando Col. Dustin 'Dusty' McHowell 1991-10-04
Big Bad John Jake Calhoun 1990-02-01
The Giant of Thunder Mountain Hezekiah Crow 1990-12-25
Once Upon a Texas Train Jason Fitch 1988-10-12
Where the Hell's That Gold?!!? Boone 1988-11-13
I Am Not a Freak Self 1987-11-01
Hawken's Breed Tackett 1987-01-01
The Aurora Encounter Charlie 1986-08-01
Louis L'Amour's Down the Long Hills Squires 1986-11-15
Scrooge's Rock 'N' Roll Christmas Scrooge 1984-12-23
Cannonball Run II Doc 1984-06-29
Sacred Ground Lum Witcher 1983-03-11
Lost Mr. Newsom 1983-10-22
Jinxed! Otto 1982-10-22
Soggy Bottom, U.S.A. Troscliar Boudreaux 1981-10-09
The Cannonball Run Doctor 1981-06-19
The Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite Seth Beaumont 1981-05-21
Skyward Christmas Clay Haller 1981-12-03
The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again Big Mac 1979-06-27
The Villain Avery Simpson 1979-07-26
Lacy and the Mississippi Queen Willie Red Fire 1978-05-17
The Norseman Death Dreamer 1978-10-05
Hot Lead & Cold Feet Rattlesnake 1978-07-05
Grayeagle Trapper Willis 1977-12-28
The Winds of Autumn J. Pete Hankins 1976-06-01
Creature from Black Lake Joe Canton 1976-03-01
The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe Bitterroot 1976-05-29
Pony Express Rider Crazy Charlie 1976-11-01
Hawmps! Bad Jack Cutter 1976-05-20
Huckleberry Finn King 1975-03-25
Sidekicks Boss 1974-03-21
A Knife for the Ladies Jarrod (Sheriff) 1974-05-02
Shootout in a One-Dog Town Handy 1974-01-09
The Red Pony Granddad 1973-03-17
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Alamosa Bill Kermit 1973-05-23
The Last Escape of Billy the Kid Pat Garrett 1972-01-01
The Daughters of Joshua Cabe Bitterroot 1972-09-13
Hannie Caulder Frank Clemens 1971-11-08
Cat Ballou Kid Sheleen 1971-09-05
Support Your Local Gunfighter Jug May 1971-05-26
The Last Rebel Matt 1971-09-24
The Wild Country Thompson 1970-12-16
Dirty Dingus Magee John Wesley Hardin 1970-11-18
Rio Lobo Phillips 1970-04-01
The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County Kittrick 1970-04-01
Plimpton! Shoot-Out at Rio Lobo Self 1970-12-09
Ride a Northbound Horse Sheriff 1969-03-16
Support Your Local Sheriff! Jake 1969-03-26
The Over the Hill Gang Sheriff Clyde Barnes 1969-07-06
C'era una volta il West Frank's Gunman 1968-12-21
Sonora Slim Kovacs 1968-10-25
Never a Dull Moment Ace Williams 1968-06-26
Firecreek Norman 1968-01-24
The Last Challenge Ernest Scarnes 1967-12-22
The Way West Preacher Weatherby 1967-05-24
The Night of the Grizzly Hank 1966-04-20
The Rare Breed Deke Simons 1966-02-02
4 for Texas Dobie 1963-12-21
Pocketful of Miracles Cheesecake 1961-12-18
The Comancheros Horseface (Comanchero) 1961-12-22
The Last Sunset Ed Hobbs 1961-06-08
The Girl in Lovers Lane Jesse 1960-06-16
The Slowest Gun in the West Ike Dalton 1960-05-07
Edge of Eternity Bill Ward 1959-11-02
The Gun Runners Arnold 1958-08-01
Lure of the Swamp Henry Bliss 1957-05-01
Dragoon Wells Massacre Tioga 1957-08-28
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Tom McLowery 1957-05-30
Night Passage Shotgun 1957-07-24
Baby Face Nelson Fatso Nagel 1957-12-11
Thunder Over Arizona Slats Callahan 1956-08-04
Jubal McCoy 1956-04-06
Pardners Pete 1956-08-01
Man Without a Star Knife Murderer (uncredited) 1955-03-24
Tarzan's Hidden Jungle Burger 1955-02-16
Kismet Hasan-Ben 1955-10-08
The Man from Laramie Chris Boldt 1955-08-19
Kiss Me Deadly Charlie Max 1955-04-28
Artists and Models Ivan 1955-11-07
Wichita Al 1955-07-03
Moonfleet Damen 1955-06-24
Princess of the Nile Basra 1954-07-01
Ride Clear of Diablo Tim Lowerie 1954-02-10
Jubilee Trail Whitey 1954-05-15
Vera Cruz Tex 1954-12-25
Cattle Queen of Montana Yost 1954-11-18
The Far Country Frank Newberry 1954-02-12
Appointment in Honduras Castro 1953-10-16
The Moonlighter Slim 1953-09-19
Count the Hours! Max Verne 1953-04-01
Gun Belt Rusty Kolloway 1953-07-24
Ride, Vaquero! Barton 1953-07-17
High Noon Charlie - Drunk in Jail (uncredited) 1952-06-09
Kansas City Confidential Pete Harris 1952-11-11
The Battle at Apache Pass Mescal Jack 1952-05-09
Finders Keepers Eddie 1952-01-01
The Ring Harry Jackson 1952-09-26
My Man and I Celestino Garcia 1952-09-05
Lure of the Wilderness Dave Longden 1952-07-16
Rancho Notorious Mort Geary 1952-03-06
Montana Territory Gimp 1952-05-31
Rawhide Tevis 1951-03-25
Bird of Paradise The Trader 1951-03-14
The Bushwhackers Cree 1951-12-07
One Way Street Gangster 1950-04-01
Key to the City Councilman (uncredited) 1950-02-02
American Guerrilla in the Philippines The Speaker 1950-11-08
A Ticket to Tomahawk Fargo 1950-05-19
High Lonesome Smiling Man 1950-09-01
The Sundowners Earl Boyce 1950-02-02
Wild Weed Raymond - Henchman 1949-07-20