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James Handy

New York City, New York USA

Image of James Handy


James Handy is an actor.


Top Gun: Maverick Bartender (Jimmy) 2022-05-24
Senior Entourage Father MacGuffin 2021-05-03
Woman Child Barney Winecott 2017-11-05
Suburbicon Mayor Billings 2017-10-26
Logan Old Doctor 2017-02-28
Thru: The Hereafter Remains Unknown Frank 2017-04-30
Bad Sister Bishop O'Reilly 2016-01-03
The Waiter The CEO 2010-03-14
Lifted Travis 2010-08-13
The Donor John 2001-04-13
15 Minutes Deputy Chief Fire Marshal Declan Duffy 2001-03-01
Unbreakable Priest 2000-11-22
Deterrence Lancaster 2000-03-10
Time Served Judge William T. Engstrom III 1999-08-05
Black & White Sergeant Wright 1999-11-29
K-911 Captain Byers 1999-12-07
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Spring Break Adventure Frank Brady 1999-10-17
Murder in Mind Dr. Harvard 1997-08-01
Gone in the Night 1996-02-24
The O.J. Simpson Story Detective Vannatter 1995-01-31
Jumanji Exterminator 1995-12-15
Guarding Tess Neal Carlo 1994-03-11
Sudden Fury Det. Stockman 1993-01-01
Drive Like Lightning Walter Blaine 1992-01-08
Angel Street 1992-09-15
Obsessed Jerry 1992-09-26
Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story 1992-05-18
The Rocketeer Wooly 1991-06-21
Guilty Until Proven Innocent Gerry Duffy 1991-01-01
False Arrest Thomas Thinnes 1991-11-03
Arachnophobia Milton Briggs 1990-07-20
Unspeakable Acts Jeff Samek 1990-01-15
The Preppie Murder Joe Brady Quinn 1989-09-24
K-9 Captain Byers 1989-04-28
Bird Esteves 1988-07-01
Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story Doctor 1988-12-16
The Room Upstairs Frank 1987-01-31
Burglar Carson Verrill 1987-03-20
Who Is Julia? Bob Greenmeyer 1986-10-26
Brighton Beach Memoirs Frank Murphy 1986-12-26
Samaritan: The Mitch Snyder Story Melvin Mander 1986-05-19
Popeye Doyle Lieutenant Gregory Paulus 1986-01-01
The Verdict Kevin Doneghy 1982-12-08