Image of Hal Osmond

Hal Osmond

1903-05-27 Southwark, London, England, UK

Image of Hal Osmond



The Big Money Porter at Victoria Station 1958-06-09
Blood of the Vampire Small Sneak Thief 1958-08-25
The Truth About Women Baker 1957-01-01
Stranger in Town Hotel Barman 1957-05-01
The Vicious Circle Joe - Golf Caddy 1957-09-01
The Depraved Barman 1957-11-01
The Last Man to Hang Coates 1956-08-01
Loser Takes All Liftman (uncredited) 1956-09-09
Eyewitness Hospital Doorman 1956-08-14
Bond of Fear Hospital Orderly 1956-04-01
Value for Money Mr. Hall 1955-08-09
Simon and Laura Effects Man 1955-11-02
The Million Pound Note Arthur 1954-01-07
Forbidden Cargo Baggage Room Clerk 1954-05-04
To Dorothy, a Son Livingston Potts 1954-10-31
The Sword and the Rose Costermonger 1953-07-23
The Steel Key Taxi Driver 1953-05-01
Love in Pawn Burglar 1953-01-01
The Net Agent Lawson 1953-02-09
A Day to Remember Large Lady's Husband 1953-11-10
The Lost Hours Garage Attendant 1952-09-01
The Gambler and the Lady Fred - Stable Groom 1952-12-26
Top Secret Jersey Waiter 1952-11-10
The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men Much the Miller 1952-05-26
No Trace Taxi Driver 1950-09-08
Your Witness Taxi Driver 1950-03-06
Double Confession Shooting Gallery Attendant 1950-04-01
Last Holiday Trade Union Man 1950-05-15
Waterfront Women Witness in Street 1950-07-26
Traveller's Joy Lapp Cameraman (uncredited) 1950-12-25
Helter Skelter Radio Sound-Effects Man 1949-01-07
Once Upon a Dream Bailiff 1949-02-01
It's Not Cricket Stage manager 1949-04-01
Diamond City Brandy Bill 1949-09-20
A Boy, a Girl and a Bike Mr Bates 1949-05-23
Vote for Huggett Fishmonger 1949-02-01
Marry Me Man in Restaurant 1949-06-07
The Spider and the Fly Swiss Taxi Driver 1949-12-01
Miranda Railway Carman 1948-04-06
Here Come the Huggetts 2nd Engineer 1948-12-02
My Brother's Keeper Ticket Clerk at Shorebury 1948-08-19
The Courtneys of Curzon Street Fireman (uncredited) 1947-04-11