Image of Rita Webb

Rita Webb

1904-02-25 Willesden, Londen, England, UK

Image of Rita Webb



Venom Mrs. Loewenthal 1981-11-28
Revenge of the Pink Panther Lady at Window 1978-01-08
Come Play with Me Rita 1977-04-28
I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight Tea Lady 1976-02-15
Confessions of a Pop Performer Fanny's Mother 1975-01-01
Frenzy Mrs Rusk 1972-04-14
Percy Mrs Hedges 1971-02-18
Up Pompeii Cassandra 1971-01-01
Dance of the Seven Veils 1970-02-15
Zeta One Clippie 1969-12-01
To Sir, with Love Mrs. Joseph 1967-06-14
Stranger in the House Mrs. Plaskett (uncredited) 1967-05-23
Up the Junction Mrs Hardy 1965-11-03
The Coming Out Party Floss 1965-12-22
He Who Rides a Tiger Flower seller 1965-10-01
Three Clear Sundays Britannia Lee 1965-04-07
Sparrows Can't Sing Maggie's Neighbor 1963-03-26
The Small World of Sammy Lee Cleaner 1963-04-20
A Place to Go Woman in Wash House (uncredited) 1963-07-01
The Boys Mrs. Lee 1962-08-31
The Young Ones Woman in Market 1961-12-19
Suddenly, Last Summer Asylum Patient 1959-12-22
No Trees in the Street Mrs Brown 1959-01-01
Find the Lady Fake Miss Rees 1956-10-01
Hindle Wakes Mrs. Slaughter 1952-01-01