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Greg Collins

1952-12-08 Troy, Michigan, USA

Image of Greg Collins


Greg Collins is an American film and television actor and former professional American football player.


Straight Outta Compton Joe Louis Police 2015-08-11
Along the Roadside Traffic Cop 2013-02-28
A Thousand Words Construction Worker 2012-03-07
A Warrior's Heart First Policeman 2011-12-02
Fast & Furious Lead Investigator 2009-04-02
Eagle Eye Two Star General 2008-09-25
Necessary Evil Michael Russo 2008-01-01
Bottle Shock Trucker 2008-09-05
Nobel Son Foreman 2007-04-28
World Trade Center Will's Rescue Fireman 2006-08-09
Dead and Deader Captain Niles 2006-12-16
Wheelmen Agent #4 2005-06-03
The Rain Makers Dalton 2005-01-15
Cellular Aging Security Guard 2004-09-06
Detonator Security Guard 2003-02-23
Daredevil Fisk Bodyguard 2003-02-14
An American Reunion DEA Agent 2003-01-01
Bruce Almighty Coach Tucker 2003-05-23
New Alcatraz Scott Poluso 2002-05-21
Collateral Damage Agent #3 2002-02-06
U.S. Seals Cosgrove 2000-01-18
Coyote Ugly Coyote Ugly Bar Patron 2000-07-30
Gone in Sixty Seconds San Pedro Cop 2000-06-09
Operation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault Skip Lang 1999-12-09
Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target Mac McKinney 1998-11-23
Godzilla Soldier on the Bridge 1998-05-20
Armageddon Halsey 1998-07-01
Enemy of the State FBI Supervisor 1998-11-20
Surface to Air Major Canton 1997-11-11
Con Air Guard 1997-06-05
Double Tap Nunns 1997-09-05
Independence Day Military Aide 1996-06-25
Solo Scanion 1996-08-23
Walnut Creek Anthony DePrince 1996-01-01
The Rock Private Gamble 1996-06-07
Into the Paradise Schrader 1995-06-29
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Huey Pilot 1995-07-13
The Tie That Binds Bartender 1995-09-08
Angel 4: Undercover Doo-Rag Bouncer 1994-07-26
Cool World Cop 1992-07-10
Eve of Destruction Skaaren 1991-01-18
Police Academy 6: City Under Siege SWAT Team Leader 1989-03-09
976-EVIL Mr. Selby 1988-12-09
Out of Time Cop #2 1988-07-17
Annihilator Policeman 1986-04-07
Bruin Lake Aka Hell Michigan