Image of Vic Tablian

Vic Tablian

Jerusalem, Palestine (now Israel)

Image of Vic Tablian


Vic Tablian is an Armenian SSR born British actor. His filmography includes two different roles in the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark; he played both the treacherous Peruvian guide Barranca and later in the film as the Nazi collaborating "Monkey Man". Eleven years later Tablian returned to the Indiana Jones franchise playing Demetrios in the first episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,


South Kensington Mobarack, il presidente della banca 2001-12-17
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: My First Adventure Demetrios / Claw 2000-07-10
Hard Men Turkish Cafe Owner 1996-10-28
Navy Seals Terrorist 1990-07-20
Sakharov 1984-06-20
The Monster Club Dealer 1981-04-11
Sphinx Khalifa 1981-02-11
Raiders of the Lost Ark Barranca / Monkey Man 1981-06-12
Midnight Express Star 1978-08-31
Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars Ahmed 1975-11-15