Image of Roberts Blossom

Roberts Blossom

1924-03-25 New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Image of Roberts Blossom


Roberts Scott Blossom (March 25, 1924 – July 8, 2011) was an American poet and character actor of theatre, film, and television. He was best known for his roles as Old Man Marley in Home Alone (1990)


Balloon Farm Weasel Mayfield 1999-03-28
The Quick and the Dead Doc Wallace 1995-02-09
The American Clock 1993-01-02
The Habitation of Dragons Mr. Charlie 1992-09-08
Doc Hollywood Judge Evans 1991-08-02
Death Falls Hals Johnson 1991-01-01
Home Alone Marley 1990-11-16
Always Dave 1989-12-22
The Last Temptation of Christ Aged Master 1988-05-28
Candy Mountain 1988-01-20
Vision Quest Grandpa 1985-02-15
Flashpoint Amarillo 1984-04-19
Reuben, Reuben Frank Spofford 1983-12-19
Christine George LeBay 1983-12-09
The Wall Kuchaski 1982-02-16
Johnny Belinda John McAdam 1982-10-19
Family Reunion Phil King 1981-10-11
Resurrection John Harper 1980-09-26
The Gold Bug Mr. LeGrand 1980-02-02
Escape from Alcatraz Doc 1979-06-22
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Farmer 1977-12-14
Citizens Band Papa Thermodyne 1977-05-18
Deranged Ezra Cobb 1974-02-02
The Great Gatsby Mr. Gatz 1974-03-27
Murder on the Emerald Seas Sherwood Gates 1973-01-01
Slaughterhouse-Five Wild Bob Cody 1972-03-15
The Rimers of Eldritch Judge/Preacher 1972-11-04
The Witches of Salem: The Horror and the Hope 1972-01-01
Please Stand By 1972-06-06
The Hospital Guernsey 1971-12-14
Taylor Mead Dances 1962-01-01
The Sin of Jesus 1961-12-10
John Brown's Raid 1960-10-25
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