Image of Christine Hargreaves

Christine Hargreaves

1939-03-22 Salford, Lancashire, England, UK

Image of Christine Hargreaves



Nineteen Nineteen 1985-11-14
Nineteen Eighty-Four Soup Lady 1984-11-09
Walter and June Rita 1983-04-30
Pink Floyd: The Wall Pink's Mother 1982-07-14
An American Werewolf in London Ticket Lady 1981-08-21
Bavarian Night Estelle Parsons 1981-03-31
Butterflies Don't Count Mrs James 1978-11-28
The Spongers Pauline 1978-01-24
It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet 1976-11-18
The Hireling Doreen 1973-06-10
Better Than the Movies Joan Huntley 1972-11-13
Horace Ivy Blackett 1972-03-21
Angels Are So Few 1970-11-05
The Reckoning Kath 1970-01-31
In Two Minds Mary Winter 1967-03-01