Image of Ben Wright

Ben Wright

1915-05-05 London, England, UK

Image of Ben Wright



The Little Mermaid Live! Grimsby (voice) 2019-11-05
Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes Tom Reese 1990-08-06
The Little Mermaid Grimsby (voice) 1989-11-17
Arnold Jonesy 1973-11-16
Terror in the Wax Museum First Constable 1973-05-02
All My Darling Daughters Carter 1972-11-22
Raid on Rommel Admiral 1971-02-12
Wake Me When the War Is Over Police Officer 1969-10-14
Marcus Welby, M.D. [Pilot] 1969-03-26
Way Down Cellar Ethan Marcus 1968-01-07
The Jungle Book Wolf (voice) (uncredited) 1967-10-18
The Fortune Cookie Doctor 1966-10-19
Munster, Go Home! Hennessy 1966-06-15
The Sound of Music Herr Zeller 1965-03-29
My Blood Runs Cold Lansbury 1965-03-24
A Gathering of Eagles 1963-06-21
One Hundred and One Dalmatians Roger (voice) 1961-01-25
Judgment at Nuremberg Halbestadt 1961-12-18
Journey to the Center of the Earth Paisley 1959-12-15
The Wreck of the Mary Deare Mike Duncan 1959-11-17
Villa!! Francisco Madero 1958-10-01
Kiss Them for Me British Pilot (uncredited) 1957-12-10
Witness for the Prosecution Barrister Reading Charges (uncredited) 1957-12-17
Pharaoh's Curse Walter Andrews 1957-02-01
Until They Sail Defense Attorney (uncredited) 1957-10-08
Johnny Concho Benson 1956-07-01
The Desert Rats Mick 1953-05-20
Botany Bay Deck Officer Green 1952-12-26
The Exile Milbanke 1947-10-17