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Chris Browning

1964-01-01 Reno, Nevada, U.S.

Image of Chris Browning


Chris Browning is an actor and writer.


Why? Jack 2021-05-05
Escape From Area 51 Sklarr 2021-08-31
Agnes Father Black 2021-12-10
The Unhealer Gus 2020-10-09
Clarity Richard 2020-02-28
Angel Has Fallen Militia Man #1 2019-08-21
Greenlight Moesby 2019-09-27
Only Mine Chief Dodd 2019-01-15
Donnybrook McGill 2018-09-07
Bright Serling 2017-12-22
Last Rampage Greenawalt 2017-09-22
Shot Caller Toby 'Redwood' Simms 2017-07-13
Lift Me Up 2015-10-04
Wild Card Tiel 2015-01-14
Operation: Neighborhood Watch! Dr. Vargas 2015-10-02
Mercy Frank 2014-10-07
Hidden in the Woods Jed James 2014-12-12
Road to Paloma Schaeffer 2014-04-12
The Last Stand Pony Tail 2013-01-12
The Philly Kid Marks 2012-05-11
Cowboys & Aliens Jed Parker 2011-07-29
Passion Play Cecil 2011-01-10
Let Me In Jack 2010-10-01
Beneath the Dark Frank 2010-11-05
The Book of Eli Highjacker Leader 2010-01-11
Friendship! Jonathan 2010-01-13
Terminator Salvation Morrison 2009-05-20
Dark Country Stranger 2009-10-05
Felon Danny Samson 2008-07-17
Shoot First and Pray You Live (Because Luck Has Nothing to Do with It) Garry Patterson 2008-12-04
Beer for My Horses Deputy Stippins 2008-08-08
3:10 to Yuma Crawley 2007-09-06
In the Valley of Elah Checker Box Bartender 2007-08-31
A Place Called Truth Kyle 1998-07-20