Image of Charles Rocket

Charles Rocket


Image of Charles Rocket



Still Dumb After All These Years Self 2006-01-03
Shade Tony D. 2003-05-18
New Suit Del Strontium 2002-10-03
Tex, the Passive/Aggressive Gunslinger Challenger 2000-05-01
Titan A.E. Firrikash (voice) 2000-06-16
The Killing Grounds Mel Desordo 1998-07-21
Touched by an Angel: A Christmas Miracle Adam 1998-09-15
Murder at 1600 Jeffrey 1997-04-18
Fathers' Day Russ Trainor 1997-05-09
Valley Girls Dino Coppello 1996-11-09
Tom and Huck Judge Thatcher 1995-12-22
Charlie's Ghost Story Van Leer 1995-12-13
Steal Big Steal Little Sheriff Otis 1995-09-29
Wagons East! Gen. Larchmont 1994-08-26
Dumb and Dumber Nicholas Andre 1994-12-16
It's Pat Kyle Jacobsen 1994-08-26
Short Cuts Wally Littleton 1993-09-05
Hocus Pocus Dave Dennison 1993-07-16
Brain Smasher... A Love Story Jones 1993-11-17
Delirious Ty Hedison 1991-08-09
Dances with Wolves Lieutenant Elgin 1990-03-30
How I Got Into College Leo Whitman 1989-05-19
Honeymoon Academy DeBains 1989-12-01
Earth Girls Are Easy Ted 1988-09-08
Down Twisted Reno 1987-03-01
The Steel Collar Man D5B 1985-08-07
Fraternity Vacation Madman Mac 1985-12-04
The Outlaws Stanley Flynn 1984-07-09