Image of Liz Fraser

Liz Fraser

1930-08-14 Southwark, London, England, UK

Image of Liz Fraser


Elizabeth Joan Winch (14 August 1930 – 6 September 2018), known professionally as Liz Fraser, was an English actress, best known for her comedy roles as a provocative 'dumb blonde' in British films of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s including the Carry On films and the Confessions Of and Adventures Of movies.


Darts Tarts – Welcome to my World Self (archive footage) 2006-10-05
The Unforgettable Sid James Self 2000-12-05
Chicago Joe and the Showgirl Mrs. Evans 1990-05-16
The Lady and the Highwayman Flossie 1988-12-03
Eskimos Do It Mrs. Dewey 1988-08-03
The Best of the Adventures Maisie / Violet (archive footage) 1981-01-01
The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle Woman in Cinema 1980-09-11
Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse Mrs. Dixon 1978-02-01
Confessions from a Holiday Camp Mrs. Antonia Whitemonk 1977-01-01
Adventures of a Private Eye Violet Burke 1977-03-04
Under the Doctor Sandra 1976-11-01
Confessions of a Driving Instructor Mrs. Chalmers 1976-09-01
Adventures of a Taxi Driver Maisie 1976-04-30
Carry On Behind Sylvia Ramsden 1975-06-10
Three for All Airport Passenger 1975-05-01
Hide and Seek Audrey Lawson 1972-10-07
Dad's Army Mavis Pike 1971-03-12
Up the Junction Mrs. McCarthy 1968-01-25
The Family Way Molly Thompson 1966-12-18
Every Day's a Holiday Miss Slightly 1965-07-14
The Americanization of Emily Sheila 1964-10-27
Carry On Cabby Sally 1963-06-01
The Painted Smile Jo Lake 1962-05-01
A Pair of Briefs Pearl Hoskins 1962-03-01
Live Now - Pay Later Joyce Corby 1962-08-31
The Amorous Prawn Pvt. Suzie Tidmarsh 1962-11-26
Carry On Cruising Glad Trimble 1962-03-12
Raising the Wind Miranda Kennaway 1961-09-06
On the Fiddle Girl with Daisies (Uncredited) 1961-10-10
Double Bunk Sandra Marsh 1961-05-06
Watch It, Sailor! Daphne Pink 1961-08-14
The Rebel Waitress 1961-03-07
Fury at Smugglers' Bay Betty 1961-01-01
Carry On Regardless Delia King 1961-04-04
The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's WPC Susan Partridge 1960-12-22
The Night We Got the Bird Fay Sellars 1960-11-03
The Bulldog Breed NAAFI Girl 1960-12-13
Two Way Stretch Ethel 1960-12-20
Doctor in Love Leonora 1960-07-12
The Night We Dropped a Clanger Lulu 1959-10-10
Alive and Kicking 1959-07-13
I'm All Right Jack Cynthia Kite 1959-08-18
Desert Mice Edie 1959-01-05
Dunkirk Worker in Holden's Factory (uncredited) 1958-03-20
Wonderful Things! (uncredited) 1958-06-10
Davy Tea Lady 1958-01-02
The Shiralee Chambermaid (uncredited) 1957-07-11
The Smallest Show on Earth Girl in Cinema 1957-04-09
Touch and Go Girl on the Bridge 1955-10-02