Image of Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor

1918-07-13 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England, UK

Image of Larry Taylor


Larry Taylor (13 July 1918 - 6 August 2003) was an English actor.


Lethal Woman General Grant 1989-04-30
Skeleton Coast Robbins 1988-04-14
Outlaw of Gor Marlenus 1988-12-01
Gor King Marlenus 1987-05-08
Prisoners of the Lost Universe Vosk 1983-08-15
Mister Deathman Vlees / Vlees' Twin 1977-01-01
The Creeping Flesh Chief Asylum Warder 1973-02-12
Ooh... You Are Awful Hood 1972-12-01
The Wife Swappers Leonard 1970-09-09
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Lieutenant 1968-12-17
The Magnificent Two Paco 1967-07-05
Follow That Camel Riff 1967-08-10
Arabesque Mustapha 1966-05-04
Kaleidoscope Dominion Chauffeur 1966-07-01
Zulu Hughes 1964-01-22
The Girl Hunters Dragon 1963-06-01
The Man Who Finally Died Ernst 1963-12-01
Crosstrap Peron 1962-01-01
Three on a Spree Large Man 1961-06-28
Never Back Losers Reilly 1961-12-01
The Professionals Cairns 1960-01-01
Too Hot to Handle Mouth 1960-12-01
Swiss Family Robinson Pirate 1960-12-21
The Criminal Charles 1960-09-13
And the Same to You Chappy Tuck 1960-02-01
The Gun Runners 1958-08-01
The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw The Gun Guard 1958-10-28
Wonderful Things! 1958-06-10
Robbery Under Arms Burke 1957-01-10
Kill Me Tomorrow Carson 1957-05-01
Breakaway Second Kidnapper 1956-01-01
Alexander the Great Perdiccas 1956-03-28
Cloak Without Dagger Sgt. Blake 1956-05-31
Five Days Tough in Bar 1954-06-25
Sea Devils Blasquito 1953-05-23