Image of Jack Douglas

Jack Douglas


Image of Jack Douglas



Carry On Columbus Marco the Cereal Killer 1992-10-02
The Boys in Blue Chief Superintendent 1982-09-20
The Shillingbury Blowers 1980-01-06
Bloody Kids Senior Police Officer 1980-03-22
Carry On Emmannuelle Lyons 1978-01-01
Carry On England Bombardier Ready 1976-10-01
Carry On Behind Ernie Bragg 1975-06-10
Carry On Dick Sergeant Jock Strapp 1974-02-01
Carry On Girls William 1973-11-09
Carry on Christmas 2nd Singing Caveman / Crapper / 2nd German / 4th Ballerina / Alan A'Dale. 1973-12-24
Carry on Christmas (or Carry On Stuffing) 1972-12-20