Image of Tony Denison

Tony Denison

1949-09-20 Harlem, New York, USA

Image of Tony Denison


Tony Denison is an actor and producer.


Deep Woods Billy 2022-12-20
Frank and Ava Adler 2020-12-07
Agent Emerson The General 2019-11-22
Murder In-Law Will 2019-03-16
Dirty Commander Rocco 2016-07-12
Dementia MC 2015-12-04
Clarity 2014-10-08
Atlas Shrugged: Part III Cuffy Meigs 2014-09-12
Trattoria Sal Sartini 2013-09-17
Crash and Burn Francis Garrard 2008-05-30
Murder 101 Nelson Raymond 2006-01-06
Choker Lt. Murcer 2005-10-10
Wild Things 2 Niles Dunlap 2004-02-19
Chasing Papi Agent Quinn 2003-04-16
Art of Revenge John Ravich 2003-08-03
Now You Know Gary Richards (as Tony Denison) 2002-09-20
Rockets' Red Glare Marty 2002-04-05
The Tower of Babble John 2002-02-01
Island Prey Peter Thornton 2001-01-01
Venomous Maj. Gen. Thomas Sparks 2001-11-29
The Last Producer Poker Player 2000-08-22
Looking for an Echo Ray 'Nappy' Napolitano 2000-11-10
Road Kill Mr. Z 1999-03-14
The Corporate Ladder Matt Taylor 1997-05-10
Opposite Corners Augie Donatello 1997-02-06
No One Could Protect Her Dan Rayner 1996-02-11
Men of War Jimmy G. 1994-09-04
Criminal Passion Nathan Leonard 1994-09-21
A Brilliant Disguise Andy Manola (as Anthony John Denison) 1994-09-22
Getting Gotti John Gotti 1994-05-10
The Harvest Noel Guzmann 1993-11-05
Sex, Love and Cold Hard Cash Douglas Colson 1993-05-13
Full Eclipse Jim Sheldon 1993-11-27
The Amy Fisher Story Joey Buttafuoco 1993-01-03
The Price She Paid Welles 1992-03-30
City of Hope Rizzo 1991-10-11
Little Vegas Carmine de Carlo 1990-11-16
The Girl Who Came Between Them Barry Huntoon 1990-04-01
Full Exposure: The Sex Tapes Scandal James Thompson 1989-02-05
I Love You Perfect Alan Matthews 1989-10-08
The Great Escape II: The Untold Story Lt. Mike Corery 1988-11-05
Waitress! Moe 1982-09-17