Image of Luis Contreras

Luis Contreras

1950-09-18 Kern, California, USA

Image of Luis Contreras



Wednesday Afternoon The Bartender 2004-06-09
Criminal Carlos 2004-10-07
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Rio Diablo Pedro Almenzar 1993-02-28
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El Diablo Pestoso 1990-07-22
After Midnight The Dogs' Master (segment "A Night on the Town") 1989-11-03
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Police Story: The Freeway Killings Apartment Manager 1987-05-03
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Big Trouble Terrorist #2 1986-05-30
Pee-wee's Big Adventure Biker #2 1985-07-26
Stand Alone Look-Out 1985-09-01
Walking the Edge Jesus 1985-01-11
A Touch of Scandal Eugenio Salvador 1984-11-27
Repo Man Mr. Humphries' Security Guard 1984-02-20
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The Last Married Couple in America Party Guest 1980-04-03
1941 Zoot Suiter 1979-12-14
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Federale 1977-11-18