Image of Michael J. Reynolds

Michael J. Reynolds

1939-08-15 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Image of Michael J. Reynolds


Michael John Reynolds (15 August 1939 – 22 March 2018) was a Canadian actor who has featured in over one hundred films.


La Malédiction d'Edgar Joe Kennedy 2013-10-27
Leap Year Jerome 2010-01-08
The Descent: Part 2 Ed Oswald 2009-10-14
Red Mist Dr. Stegman 2008-08-22
Dark Corners Dr. Richardson 2006-05-10
United 93 Patrick Joseph Driscoll 2006-04-28
Where the Truth Lies John Hillman 2005-10-07
Blessed Dr. Lehman 2004-05-16
Out for a Kill Dean 2003-08-14
The 51st State Mr. Escobar 2001-12-07
A Secret Affair Charles Stewart 1999-10-27
Strike! Mr. Armstrong 1998-08-21
That Old Feeling Senator Marks 1997-04-04
Ms. Scrooge Ghost of Christmas Past 1997-12-10
Her Desperate Choice Jim's Father 1996-09-14
Fly Away Home General 1996-09-13
Extreme Measures Judge 1996-09-27
Net Worth Clarence Campbell 1995-01-01
The Lifeforce Experiment Jack Aspect 1994-04-16
Trial & Error Governor Nelson 1993-02-24
Deadly Matrimony Judge Zagel 1992-11-22
Clearcut Hunter 1991-09-10
The Last Best Year Wisnovsky 1990-11-04
Day One Kenneth Bainbridge 1989-05-12
Millennium Jerry Bannister 1989-08-25
Betrayal of Silence Barrington 1988-01-01
Gorillas in the Mist Howard Dowd 1988-09-23
The Big Turnaround Monk 1988-01-01
Rolling Vengeance Lt. Sly Sullivan 1987-10-02
Too Outrageous! 1987-10-16
The Truth About Alex Major Stevens 1987-02-09
Street Smart Art Sheffield 1987-03-20
Walking on Air Mr. McDowell 1987-01-17
Deep Sea Conspiracy Dr. Cambridge 1987-10-22
Blue Monkey Albert Hooper 1987-09-25
My Pet Monster Dr. Lewis 1986-01-01
A Matter of Sex Bruce Jennings 1984-01-01
Special People Mr. Hasselman 1984-09-11
Heartsounds Dr. Roberts 1984-09-30
Police Academy Office Executive 1984-03-22
A Case of Libel James Baldwin 1983-10-17
Between Friends Kevin Sullivan 1983-09-11
Running Brave Roger Douglas 1983-11-04
Visiting Hours Porter Halstrom 1982-05-21
Escape From Iran: The Canadian Caper 1981-05-17
F.D.R.: The Last Year 1980-05-15
The Kidnapping of the President MacKenzie 1980-08-15
Fish Hawk Mr. Gideon 1980-01-25
Bear Island Heyter 1979-12-05
Plague Dr. Dave McKay 1979-01-26
Wild Horse Hank Rankin 1979-01-01
Age of Innocence Helmut 1977-04-28
Why Shoot the Teacher? Burt Fields 1977-06-23
Flight to Holocaust Elevator Rescue Worker 1977-03-26
The Neptune Factor Dr. Hal Hamilton 1973-08-03
The Reincarnate David 1971-04-30