Image of Kaki Hunter

Kaki Hunter

1955-11-06 Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.A.

Image of Kaki Hunter


Katherine Hunter started with a guest appearance on "Hawaii Five-O" (1968) but got her first break when she starred alongside Meat Loaf in the 1980 film Roadie (1980). She landed a role in Porky's (1982) as Wendy Williams, the only female member of the gang. While little more than a sex object in the first film, her character evolved in the second film, giving her more depth than most of the male stars in the subsequent films. A pretty and surprisingly versatile actress, she did not continue with films after finishing the Porky's trilogy. Kaki currently resides in Moab, Utah, where she juggles being a white water rafting instructor and building houses.


Porky's Revenge Wendy Williams 1985-03-22
Just the Way You Are Lisa 1984-11-16
Porky's II: The Next Day Wendy 1983-06-24
Whose Life Is It Anyway? Mary Jo Sadler 1981-12-02
Porky's Wendy 1981-11-13
Haywire The Girl 1980-05-14
Roadie Lola Bouilliabase 1980-06-13
Willie and Phil Patti Sutherland 1980-08-15
Der Mädchenkrieg Katharina 1977-06-06
Mary White Selina 1977-01-01