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John Wood

1930-07-05 Derbyshire, England, UK

Image of John Wood


John Wood (5 July 1930 – 6 August 2011) was an English stage and screen actor known for his distinguished career in both classical and contemporary theater. He was born on July 5, 1930, in Derbyshire, England. Wood gained prominence as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he performed in numerous Shakespearean productions. Wood's notable stage roles include performances in "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead," "The Rivals," and "Travesties," among many others. He also appeared in various productions on Broadway, earning critical acclaim for his performances in plays such as "Amadeus" and "The Winslow Boy." In addition to his stage work, John Wood had a presence in film and television. He starred in movies like "WarGames" (1983) and "Chocolat" (2000). His television credits include appearances in series such as "The Avengers," "Inspector Morse," and "Midsomer Murders." John Wood was highly regarded for his exceptional acting talent, particularly his ability to portray complex characters with depth and nuance. He received several awards throughout his career, including a Tony Award for his performance in "Travesties" and a Laurence Olivier Award for his work in "The Philanthropist." Sadly, John Wood passed away on August 6, 2011, in England, leaving behind a legacy of remarkable performances in the world of theater and film.


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