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J.J. Johnston

1933-10-24 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Image of J.J. Johnston


J.J. Johnston (born James William Johnston, October 24, 1933, Chicago, Illinois) is an American theatre and film actor and boxing historian and writer.


Redbelt 2008-04-07
Ricky Jay Plays Poker Self 2007-02-13
Spartan Night Club Manager 2004-03-12
Hitters Nano 2002-12-01
Dead Man's Run Detective #1 2001-02-05
Lakeboat Stan 2000-04-13
The Prime Gig Lloyd 2000-01-01
State and Main Stationmaster 2000-08-26
Who Killed Atlanta's Children? Clark Hildebrandt 2000-07-16
K-911 Fat Tommy 1999-12-07
The Fixer Angelo 1998-03-08
The Spanish Prisoner Doorman 1997-12-03
Above Suspicion 1995-01-01
Desert Steel Buck 1994-05-18
Body Shot Magruder 1994-03-09
Stranger by Night Bobby's Father 1994-11-23
Mad Dog and Glory Shanlon 1993-03-05
The Water Engine 1992-08-24
Homicide Jilly Curran 1991-05-28
Queens Logic Joey Clams 1991-02-01
JFK Mobster with Broussard 1991-12-20
An Innocent Man Joseph Donatelli 1989-10-06
Peter Gunn Barney 1989-04-23
Stars & Bars Doorman 1988-03-18
976-EVIL Virgil 1988-12-09
Things Change Frankie 1988-10-21
Fatal Attraction O'Rourke 1987-09-11
Weeds Lazarus 1987-10-16
Whose Life Is It Anyway? Guard 1981-12-02
Crisis in Mid-Air 1979-02-13
Towing Butch 1978-05-24
Beware! The Blob Deputy Kelly Davis 1972-06-21