Image of Marilyn Coleman

Marilyn Coleman

1934-03-23 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Image of Marilyn Coleman



Menace II Society Grandmama 1993-05-26
The Meteor Man Mrs. Walker 1993-08-06
Road to Nowhere Housekeeper 1993-07-04
Better Off Dead. Rene Dubuque 1993-01-12
Heat Wave Cora 1990-08-13
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka Funeral Mourner 1988-11-10
Something So Right Secretary 1982-11-30
Don't Go to Sleep Sarah 1982-12-10
Vice Squad Beatrice Adams 1982-01-22
No Other Love Mrs. Walker 1979-03-24
Remember My Name Teresa 1978-02-10
Invasion of the Love Drones Club Drone 1977-11-04
Looking for Mr. Goodbar Mrs. Jackson 1977-10-19
Which Way Is Up? Sister Sarah 1977-11-04
Willie Dynamite Connie 1973-12-19
Up the Sandbox Rose White 1972-12-21