Image of Donald Pleasence

Donald Pleasence

1919-10-05 Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England, UK

Image of Donald Pleasence


Donald Henry Pleasence, OBE, (5 October 1919 – 2 February 1995) was an English actor who gained more than 200 screen credits during a career which spanned over four decades. Often typecast as villainous and/or psychopathic characters, Pleasence is arguably best-known for his work in two of cinema's most successful franchises - James Bond and Halloween. Description above from the Wikipedia article Donald Pleasence, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.


Halloween: The Inside Story Self (archive footage) 2010-10-25
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (archival footage) 2010-05-04
In and Out of Fashion Self (archive footage) 1998-03-03
Fatal frames: Fotogrammi mortali Professor Robinson 1996-02-15
Safe Haven 1995-01-01
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Dr. Sam Loomis 1995-09-29
Guinevere Merlin 1994-05-07
The Big Freeze Soup slurper 1993-11-17
The Hour of The Pig Pincheon 1993-09-25
The Thief and the Cobbler Phido the Vulture (voice) 1993-09-23
Diên Biên Phu Howard Simpson 1992-03-04
L'avvoltoio può attendere The Art Collector 1991-01-02
Shadows and Fog Doctor 1991-12-05
Miliardi Ripa 1991-02-01
Donne armate Dreyfuss 1990-01-01
Edgar Allan Poe's Buried Alive Dr. Schaeffer 1990-11-03
Paganini Horror Mr. Pickett 1989-06-06
River of Death Heinrich Spaatz 1989-09-29
Casablanca Express Colonel Bats 1989-12-22
American risciò Rev. Mortom 1989-01-01
The House of Usher Walter Usher 1989-04-13
Ten Little Indians Mr. Justice Lawrence Wargrave 1989-11-29
Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery Jason Rafiel 1989-12-25
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers Dr. Loomis 1989-10-12
Nosferatu a Venezia Don Alvise 1988-09-15
Un delitto poco comune Inspector Datti 1988-03-11
Der Commander Henry Carlson 1988-04-28
The Great Escape II: The Untold Story Dr. Absalon 1988-11-05
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Dr. Sam Loomis 1988-10-21
Angel Hill: l'ultima missione Colonel B. Abrahams 1988-08-21
Hanna's War Captain Thomas Rosza 1988-04-14
Basements Mr. Kidd (segment "The Room") 1987-05-12
Prince of Darkness Vater Loomis 1987-10-23
Scoop Lord Copper 1987-04-26
Gila and Riky Joe Gardenia 1987-01-01
Warrior Queen Clodius Flaucus 1987-01-01
Spettri Professor Lasky 1987-04-24
Django 2 - Il grande ritorno Ben Gunn 1987-10-22
Double Target 1987-06-11
Ground Zero Prosper Gaffney 1987-10-01
Animali metropolitani Prof. Livingstone 1987-06-29
Cobra Mission Father Lenoir 1986-07-31
Into the Darkness David Beckett 1986-01-01
Naso di cane Olindo Cuomo 1986-12-11
El tesoro del Amazonas Klaus von Blantz 1985-05-30
Reel Horror Axel MacGregor (archive footage) 1985-01-01
Arch of Triumph Ivon Haake 1985-05-29
Il mondo dell'orrore di Dario Argento Himself 1985-01-01
Phenomena Professor John McGregor 1985-01-25
Black Arrow Sir Oliver Oates 1985-10-09
Sotto il vestito niente Commissioner Danesi 1985-11-07
Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie Victor Frankenstein / Baron Frankenstein 1984-01-01
Where Is Parsifal? 1984-01-01
Terror in the Aisles Self - Host 1984-10-26
A Breed Apart J.P. Whittier 1984-06-01
To Kill a Stranger Col. Kostik 1984-01-01
The Ambassador Minister Eretz 1984-05-23
Warrior of the Lost World Prossor 1983-01-01
The Devonsville Terror Dr. Warley 1983-10-15
The Falklands Factor Dr. Samuel Johnson 1983-04-26
Alone in the Dark Leo Bain 1982-11-12
Witness for the Prosecution Mr. Myers 1982-12-04
Escape from New York President of the United States 1981-05-23
Race for the Yankee Zephyr Gilbert Carson 1981-11-28
Halloween II Sam Loomis 1981-10-30
The Monster Club Pickering, Chief of the B-Squad 1981-04-11
L'uomo puma Kobras 1980-02-14
Blade on the Feather Professor John Cavendish 1980-10-19
Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff Dr. Steiner 1979-04-13
Dracula Dr. Jack Seward 1979-07-20
Gold of the Amazon Women Clarence Blasko 1979-03-06
Better Late Than Never Colonel Riddle 1979-10-17
L'Homme en colère Albert Rumpelmayer 1979-03-14
All Quiet on the Western Front Kantorek 1979-11-14
Jaguar Lives! General Villanova 1979-08-09
Halloween Loomis 1978-10-24
L'ordre et la sécurité du monde Rothko 1978-08-30
The Bastard Solomon Sholto 1978-05-22
Les liens de sang James Doniac 1978-02-01
Night Creature Axel MacGregor 1978-06-01
Power Play Blair 1978-11-01
Tomorrow Never Comes Dr. Todd 1978-01-01
The Defection of Simas Kudirka Captain Vladimir Popov 1978-01-23
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band B.D. Hoffler 1978-07-24
Telefon Nicolai Dalchimsky 1977-12-16
Oh, God! Doctor Harmon 1977-10-07
The Uncanny Valentine De'ath (segment 3 "Hollywood 1936") 1977-08-24
Meriel the Ghost Girl 1976-09-28
Hindle Wakes Nat Jeffcote 1976-12-19
The Passover Plot Pontius Pilate 1976-10-01
The Last Tycoon Boxley 1976-11-18
Trial by Combat Sir Giles Marley 1976-04-01
The Devil's Men Father Roche 1976-08-11
The Eagle Has Landed Himmler 1976-12-24
The Count of Monte-Cristo Danglars 1975-01-10
Journey into Fear Kuvetli 1975-08-08
Hearts of the West A.J. Nietz 1975-10-08
Escape to Witch Mountain Lucas Deranian 1975-03-21
I Don't Want to Be Born Dr. Finch 1975-01-01
...altrimenti ci arrabbiamo! The Doctor 1974-03-29
Barry McKenzie Holds His Own Erich Count von Plasma 1974-12-12
The Black Windmill Cedric Harper 1974-05-17
The Mutations Professor Nolter 1974-09-25
From Beyond the Grave Jim Underwood 1974-02-21
La loba y la Paloma Martin Zayas 1974-09-08
Lonely Water The Spirit 1973-01-01
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Fred Smudge 1973-03-07
Malachi's Cove Malachi 1973-10-01
Tales That Witness Madness Prof. R.C. Tremayne 1973-01-01
The Rainbow Boys Ralph Logan 1973-03-27
The Jerusalem File 1972-02-02
Death Line Inspector Calhoun 1972-10-13
The Pied Piper The Baron 1972-12-27
Innocent Bystanders Loomis 1972-09-01
Henry VIII and His Six Wives Thomas Cromwell 1972-07-13
Wedding in White Jim Dougall, Sr. 1972-10-20
Wake in Fright Doc Tydon 1971-07-21
Skin Deep Gerry Muddiman 1971-11-25
THX 1138 SEN 1971-03-11
Kidnapped Ebenezer Balfour 1971-12-22
The Fox Trot Tom 1971-04-29
Soldier Blue Isaac Q. Cumber 1970-08-12
Mr. Freedom Dr. Freedom 1969-01-08
Arthur? Arthur! Arthur Brownjohn / Sir Easonby 'E' Mellon 1969-10-01
The Madwoman of Chaillot The Prospector 1969-10-12
Last to Go 1969-01-01
Creature of Comfort James Thorne 1968-01-01
The News-Benders J.G. 1968-01-10
The Other People Clive 1968-09-01
The Night of the Generals General Kahlenberge 1967-01-29
You Only Live Twice Ernst Stavro Blofeld 1967-06-13
Matchless Gregori Andreanu 1967-08-13
Will Penny Preacher Quint 1967-12-19
The Diary of Anne Frank Albert Dussel 1967-11-26
Fantastic Voyage Dr. Michaels 1966-08-24
Cul-de-sac George 1966-06-17
Eye of the Devil Pere Dominic 1966-11-18
The Greatest Story Ever Told The Dark Hermit - Satan 1965-02-15
The Hallelujah Trail 'Oracle' Jones 1965-06-23
The Caretaker Mac Davies / Bernard Jenkins 1964-01-21
The Great Escape Blythe 'The Forger' 1963-06-20
Dr. Crippen Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen 1963-08-07
The Inspector Wolters 1962-05-24
The Horsemasters Captain Pinski 1961-10-01
No Love for Johnnie Renfrew 1961-02-14
Spare the Rod Mr. Jenkins 1961-05-23
The Wind of Change Pop 1961-03-01
What a Carve Up! Everett Sloane 1961-09-15
Circus of Horrors Vanet 1960-04-01
A Story of David Nabal 1960-12-01
The Flesh and the Fiends William Hare 1960-02-02
The Battle of the Sexes Irwin Hoffman 1960-02-25
Hell Is a City Gus Hawkins 1960-04-10
The Shakedown Jessel Brown 1960-01-01
Suspect Parsons, alias Bill Brown 1960-01-01
The Hands of Orlac Graham Coates 1960-12-01
The Big Day Victor Partridge 1960-07-01
Alice Through the Looking Box Caterpillar 1960-12-25
Sons and Lovers Mr. Puppleworth 1960-08-29
Killers of Kilimanjaro Captain 1959-10-01
Look Back in Anger Hurst 1959-09-15
Heart of a Child Spiel 1958-04-30
The Two-Headed Spy Gen. Hardt 1958-11-17
The Wind Cannot Read Doctor 1958-06-10
A Tale of Two Cities Barsad 1958-02-07
The Man Inside Organ Grinder 1958-09-07
Manuela Evans 1957-07-18
The Man in the Sky Crabtree 1957-01-24
1984 R. Parsons 1956-03-06
The Black Tent Ali 1956-04-09
Value for Money Limpy 1955-08-09
The Beachcomber Tromp 1954-08-10
1984 Syme 1954-12-12
Orders Are Orders Cpl. Martin (as Donald Plesance) 1954-10-01