Image of Reginald Beckwith

Reginald Beckwith


Image of Reginald Beckwith



The Sword of Lancelot Sir Dagonet 2004-08-31
Where the Spies Are Mr. Kahn 1966-01-26
The Big Job Register Office Official 1965-01-01
The Secret of My Success Gen. Ferdinand Velez 1965-09-29
Thunderball Kenniston 1965-12-11
How to Undress in Public Without Undue Embarrassment 1965-06-01
Gonks Go Beat Professor 1965-05-24
Mister Moses Parkhurst 1965-05-12
Kiss Me Kate Cast Member 1964-04-20
A Shot in the Dark Receptionist 1964-06-23
The Yellow Rolls-Royce Reporter (uncredited) 1964-12-31
Never Put It in Writing Lombardi 1964-04-27
Doctor in Distress Meyer 1963-07-30
Just for Fun Opposition Leader 1963-02-01
Lancelot and Guinevere Sir Dagonet 1963-06-02
The Password Is Courage Unterofficer 1962-06-01
Night of the Eagle Harold Gunnison 1962-04-25
The Prince and the Pauper Landlord 1962-04-18
Five Golden Hours Brother Geronimo 1961-02-01
The Day the Earth Caught Fire Harry 1961-11-01
Dentist on the Job Mr. Duff 1961-06-01
Double Bunk Alfred Harper 1961-05-06
Doctor in Love Wildewinde 1960-07-12
The Night We Got the Bird Chippendale Charlie 1960-11-03
Dentist in the Chair Mr Watling 1960-08-08
Bottoms Up! Bishop Wendover 1960-03-25
There Was a Crooked Man Station Master 1960-08-31
The Captain's Table Burtweed 1959-01-06
Desert Mice Fred 1959-01-05
Upstairs and Downstairs Parson 1959-11-02
The 39 Steps Lumdsen 1959-03-13
Expresso Bongo Rev. Tobias Craven 1959-12-01
The Ugly Duckling Reginald 1959-09-09
Rockets Galore Mumford 1958-10-19
Law and Disorder Vickery 1958-06-09
The Horse's Mouth Capt. Jones 1958-11-11
Next to No Time Warren 1958-08-04
Lucky Jim University Porter 1957-09-17
These Dangerous Years Hairdresser 1957-07-03
Light Fingers Gates 1957-08-01
Night of the Demon Mr. Meek 1957-11-09
Carry on Admiral Receptionist 1957-05-14
The March Hare J. Blacker 1956-01-01
Jumping for Joy Smithers 1956-01-01
Charley Moon Vicar 1956-05-01
A Touch of the Sun Herbert Hardcastle 1956-10-01
The Lyons in Paris Captain le Grand 1955-02-11
Break in the Circle Dusty 1955-01-01
A Yank in Ermine Kimp 1955-01-01
They Can't Hang Me Harold 1955-10-01
Don't Blame the Stork Jonathan 1954-01-01
Fast and Loose Rev. Tripp-Johnson 1954-02-12
Aunt Clara Alfie Pearce 1954-11-22
The Million Pound Note Rock 1954-01-07
The Men of Sherwood Forest Friar Tuck 1954-11-01
Lease of Life Journalist Foley 1954-10-18
Genevieve J. C. Callahan 1953-05-28
The Titfield Thunderbolt Coggett 1953-03-04
The Runaway Bus Telephone Man 1953-09-28
Whispering Smith Hits London Manson 1952-01-01
Penny Princess Minister of Finance - Blacksmith 1952-03-24
Brandy for the Parson Scout Master 1952-05-02
Another Man's Poison Mr. Bigley 1951-11-20
Circle of Danger Oliver 1951-04-17
You're Only Young Twice BBC Commentator 1951-07-01
Mister Drake's Duck Mr. Boothby 1951-09-21
The Body Said No! 1950-03-31
Miss Pilgrim's Progress 1949-11-29
Scott of the Antarctic Lt. H. R. Bowers RIM 1948-11-29
Freedom Radio Emil Fenner 1941-02-04