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Christy Bella Joiner

1980-05-16 Atlanta, Georgia.

Image of Christy Bella Joiner


Christy Isabella Joiner is an American model, actress, writer, musician, and producer. Christy Isabella Joiner was born and raised in Dunwoody, Georgia. She is the daughter of Brenda Joy Peace and the late Jerry Cannon Joiner, a high profile entrepreneur. Jerry Cannon Joiner, her father, was President of Bank of America, Chairman of the sixth district on the Federal Reserve, and a financial consultant to the Rothschild dynasty. Her mother was of Jewish and Scottish descent while her father had French, British, and Scottish ancestry. Joiner has ancestral links with a number of noble families from France, and Scotland. She began her career as a model when she was discovered by John Casablancas at 12 years old. She was introduced to Jean-Luc Brunel the following year, and she signed with modeling agencies. She adorned magazines, advertisements, and was a Playboy centerfold and cover model. In a radio interview, she discussed how her mother pushed her into modeling at a fragile age, and she had to fend for herself. She expressed her admiration for her father who died of prostate cancer on her birthday. She discussed how she was diagnosed with PTSD from traumatic events. When asked to elaborate, she walked out of the interview. She has been described as "quite shy" and refuses to do interviews. Jack Gilardi, her agent at ICM, passed away September of 2019 at his residence. Christy Bella Joiner refused to make a statement on the passing of her agent. As the media connected her modeling agencies with the Jeffry Epstein unsealed documents, she tweeted from her verified account on Twitter that her heart is with all the victims of rape, sexual assault, and trafficking. She stated that she would listen to survivors with empathy and try to help in any way possible. However, she has no comment on the controversy surrounding her former agents named in the Epstein scandal.


Veronika Decides to Die Nurse (uncredited) 2009-05-16
Perfect Stranger Model at Party (uncredited) 2007-04-11
8MM 2 Stripper (uncredited) 2005-11-22