Image of Dick Butkus

Dick Butkus


Image of Dick Butkus



Memorial Stadium: True Illini Spirit Self 2008-09-09
NFL Moment of Impact 2007-10-30
Necessary Roughness Convict Football Player 1991-09-27
The Last Boy Scout Himself 1991-12-11
Spontaneous Combustion Lt. General 1990-02-23
Crash Course Ed Konner 1988-01-18
The Stepford Children Tom Wilcox 1987-01-01
WrestleMania II Referee 1986-04-07
Hamburger: The Motion Picture Drootin 1986-05-05
Rodney Dangerfield: Exposed! himself 1985-03-03
Smorgasbord Anti-Smoking Enforcer 1983-04-13
Deadly Games Joe Adams 1982-07-25
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Brom Bones 1980-10-31
Superdome Scott Hennerson 1978-01-09
Mother, Jugs & Speed Rodeo 1976-01-01
Gus Rob Cargil 1976-07-07
A Matter of Wife... and Death Heavy 1975-05-03
Cipolla Colt Jeff 1975-08-25
Brian's Song Dick Butkus 1971-11-30