Image of Donna Martell

Donna Martell

1927-12-24 Los Angeles, California, USA

Image of Donna Martell



Grace Kelly Mrs. Austin 1983-02-21
House of Numbers Lois 1957-09-12
Hell on Devil's Island Giselle Renault 1957-08-04
Ten Wanted Men Maria Segura 1955-02-01
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing Suchen, Suyin's sister 1955-08-18
Last of the Desperados Alita 1955-10-31
The Egyptian Lady in Waiting 1954-08-25
Project Moon Base Col. Briteis 1953-09-04
Give a Girl a Break Janet Hallson 1953-11-13
The Golden Hawk Emilie Savonez 1952-10-08
Ghost Buster Laura 1952-03-07
A Star Shall Rise Mary 1952-12-25
Hills of Utah Nola French 1951-09-30
Elephant Stampede Lola 1951-10-28
Peggy Contestant 1950-07-01
Coyote Canyon Jane Barlow 1949-11-17
Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff Betty Crandall 1949-08-22
Illegal Entry Maria 1949-06-01
Big Town Scandal Marion Harrison 1948-05-27
The Woman from Tangier Flo-Flo 1948-02-12
Twilight on the Rio Grande Operator Talking to Gene 1947-03-31
Robin Hood of Monterey Lolita (as Donna DeMario) 1947-09-06
Secret Beyond the Door Young Mexican Girl 1947-12-24
Apache Rose Rosa Vega 1947-02-15