Image of Michelle Bauer

Michelle Bauer

1958-10-01 Montebello, California, USA

Image of Michelle Bauer


Michelle Bauer (born October 1, 1958 in Montebello, California) is an American B-movie scream queen and a former model.


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Lust for Frankenstein Goddess - The Creature 1998-01-01
Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula Sheriff Marga 1998-01-01
Hybrid Pin Up (uncredited) 1997-01-01
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One Million Heels B.C. Cavegirl 1993-07-01
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Hellroller Michelle Novak 1992-01-01
Demon Lover Marilyn Stevenson 1992-01-01
Shock Cinema: Volume Three Herself 1991-01-01
Inner Sanctum Anna (double) 1991-09-25
The New Beverly Hills Girls Michelle 1991-01-01
Scream Queen Hot Tub Party Michelle Bauer 1991-01-01
Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love Miss Kingsbury 1991-05-12
Camp Fear Dorm Girl 1991-01-01
Virgin High Miss Bush 1991-01-23
Destiny To Order Dancer 1990-02-09
Naked Obsession Table Dancer 1990-11-30
Spirits Sister Mary 1990-11-01
Beverly Hills Vamp Kristina 1989-06-28
American Rampage Pool Girl 1989-01-23
Warlords Harem Girl 1989-10-18
Terminal Force Massage Girl (uncredited) 1989-08-01
Wild Man Trisha Collins 1989-01-01
Penthouse: On the Wild Side Punk or Bust Hairdresser 1989-01-01
Electric Blue 31 School Teacher (segment "Teacher's Pet") 1989-01-01
The Washington Affairs 1989-01-01
The Incredibly Strange Film Show: Fred Olen Ray & Doris Wishman Self (archive footage) 1989-09-29
Murder Weapon Girl in Shower on TV (uncredited) 1989-11-07
Electric Blue 32 Damsel in Distress (segment "Damsel in Distress") 1989-01-01
Deadly Embrace Female Spirit of Sex 1989-04-05
Assault of the Party Nerds Muffin 1989-08-03
Terror Night Jo 1989-10-01
The Jigsaw Murders Cindy Jakulski 1989-07-25
Dr. Alien Coed #1 1989-10-12
Forbidden Worlds Angie (archive footage) 1988-07-07
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Mercedes (as Michelle McClellan) 1988-03-01
Lady Avenger Annalee 1988-07-01
Nightmare Sisters Mickey 1988-06-15
Demonwarp Betsy 1988-03-01
Cheri and the Pirates Lotta (as Pia Sands) 1988-03-01
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama Lisa 1988-01-29
The Many Faces of Shannon 1988-01-01
Blue Cabaret Kit 1988-01-01
Death Row Diner Julia Wilcox-Weston 1988-01-01
Not of This Earth Birthday Girl's Scream (uncredited) (voice) 1988-05-20
Dancing Angels Roxy 1988-01-01
The Greek File Janie (as Pia Sands) 1987-01-01
Cyclone Shower Girl 1987-06-05
The Phantom Empire Cave Bunny 1987-10-01
Commando Squad (uncredited) 1987-06-01
Night of the Living Babes Sue 1987-01-01
Overkill Neighbor 1987-12-16
Candid Candid Camera Volume 6 Evelyn / Michelle 1987-01-01
Electric Blue 25 Punk Girl (segment "The Bum") 1987-01-01
Playboy Video Magazine: Volume 12 Self - Candid Candid Camera Girl 1987-04-26
Lust for Freedom Jackie 1987-07-01
In Search of… the Perfect '10' Roxanne Dieselberger - Perfect Girl #10 1986-01-01
Armed Response Dancer 1986-10-01
Starlet Screen Test 1986-01-01
Centerfold Screen Test 2 Marsha 1986-01-01
Double Heat Susan O'Maly 1986-01-01
The Tomb Nefratis 1986-05-13
Reform School Girls Girl in Showers (uncredited) 1986-08-22
Pony Girl: At the Ranch Suzie (archive footage) 1986-01-01
Beverly Hills Girls Michelle 1986-01-01
Women in Trouble Tracey Tailor (as Kim Bittner) 1986-01-01
Bad Girls IV Girl on Floor 1986-02-03
Penthouse Love Stories Mrs. Grant 1986-01-01
Roller Blade Bod Sister 1986-07-01
Candid Candid Camera Volume 5 Debbie White 1986-01-01
Tomboy Woman in Corvette (uncredited) 1985-01-25
Screen Test Dancer / Ninja Girl 1985-08-09
Terror on Tape Third Customer 1985-01-01
Kidnapped Girls Agency Tracy Tailor 1985-01-01
Candid Candid Camera Volume 4 Michelle the Model / Tanning Customer / Woman by Fireplace 1985-01-01
Shocking Shorts Beth 1985-01-01
Cavegirl Locker Room Student 1985-05-01
The Trap Dianah (as Kim Bittner) 1985-01-01
Pony Girl Suzie (as Pia Sands) 1985-01-01
Tied & Tickled 2 Marsha (as Pia Sands) 1985-01-01
Tied & Tickled Janet (as Pia Sands) 1985-01-01
Electric Blue 14 Annie Acetone / Parachutist 1984-07-01
Monaco Forever Nazi Woman 1984-01-01
Special Request Jan Collins (as Kim Bittner) 1984-01-01
Love Skills: A Guide to the Pleasures of Sex Model 1984-01-01
Best Chest in the West Michelle 1984-01-01
Twice a Virgin Photographer (uncredited) 1984-01-01
Jane Bonda's Bizarre Workout Mistress Jane Bonda (as Pia Sands) 1984-01-01
Erotic Images Country Club Girl 1983-01-01
What's My Punishment? (as Pia Sands) 1983-01-01
Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Me Angie (archive footage) 1983-01-01
Electric Blue 11 Kim (segment "Taking Off with Kitten Natividad") 1983-08-01
The Man Who Wasn't There Nymphet 1983-08-12
Nudes in Limbo Model 1983-01-01
Cleopatra's Bondage Revenge Cleopatra 1983-01-01
That's Outrageous Lifted Party Guest 1983-10-12
California Girls Michelle 1983-07-21
Get Crazy Groupie (uncredited) 1983-08-05
Electric Blue 008 Cowgirl 1982-08-01
Homework Dream Groupie (uncredited) 1982-08-27
Electric Blue 007 Felicity (segment "Felicity: Feels on Wheels") 1982-01-01
Bizarre People 1982-01-01
Café Flesh Lana 1982-11-20
Shannon Diana 1982-01-01
Bad Girls Angie 1981-10-01
Electric Blue 006 Felicity 1981-01-01
Nightdreams Chained Girl 1981-02-04
Trash's Revenge Mandy
I Got A Bullet with Your Name on It! Nikki
Nightmare Party! Twerk of Terror Mickey