Fuera de Cartelera

Sea Root (1995)

96 minutos

96 minutos

Director: Michel Mak Shun-Ming

Reparto: Lau Ching-wan,Alice Lau Nga-Lai ,Lee Fung,Chun Yip,Wu Fung,Lee Kwok-Cheung,Milk Hoh Ho-Yuen,Ken Lok,Cheung Suet-Ling,Jassie Lam Chak-Chi,Ben Luk Man-Wah,Ho Man-Yi,Simon Cheung Yuk-San,

Fecha de Estreno: 1995-05-25


Root, who was born into a boat family, bought a woman from mainland China, Lotus, to take care of his mother who had difficulty getting about. Lotus' optimistic and persevering character influenced everyone on the boat. The vicissitudes of life convinced Root that human was no different from the ever-changing sea.