Image of Yuka Nishigaki

Yuka Nishigaki

1982-09-03 Tottori Prefecture, Kyoto

Image of Yuka Nishigaki


Yuka Nishigaki (西墻 由香, Nishigaki Yuka, born on November 21 in Tottori prefecture) is a Japanese voice actress, stage actress and narrator affiliated with Ken Production. She is married to fellow voice talent Tsubasa Yonaga (代永 翼). She belongs to Ken Production. Representative works include Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (as Diet Member, French Assembly Member, Young Setsuna), Inazuma Eleven (as Ichirōta Kazemaru), Stitch! (as Kōji), Guilty Crown (as Yū), and Sasami: Magical Girls Club (as Toshihiko Saruta).


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