Image of Joyce Godenzi

Joyce Godenzi

Hong Kong

Image of Joyce Godenzi


Born to an Australian father and Chinese mother Joyce Mina Godenzi is a model who moved into acting after winning the 1984 Miss Hong Hong pageant. She was scouted by legendary martial arts actor/director Sammo Hung, who showcased her beauty and screen presence in a slew of films, most notably his 1987 masterpiece EASTERN CONDORS. She and Hung married in 1995 and she is now very active in the Jehovah's Witnesses.


一個好人 Cook Show Audience [cameo] 1997-01-31
黐線枕邊人 Doctor Ko 1991-09-13
財叔之橫掃千軍 Kim Pak Fai 1991-03-28
龍鳳賊捉賊 Hung 1990-11-01
皇家女將 Inspector Mina Kao 1990-04-07
The Best of Martial Arts Films Herself 1990-01-01
過埠新娘 Bo's ex-wife 1988-03-31
鬼猛腳 Sgt. Pak 1988-10-19
東方秃鷹 Cambodian guerrilla leader 1987-07-09
爛賭英雄 Hung 1987-03-31
歡樂5人組 Inspector Mina Ho 1987-02-19
俾鬼捉 Ling 1986-09-30