Image of Brett Goldstein

Brett Goldstein

1980-07-17 Sutton, London, UK

Image of Brett Goldstein


Brett attended school in Sutton, Surrey before reading Film Studies at Warwick University. At twenty-two Brett went to New York to study acting at the American Academy Of Dramatic Art. Aside from performing, he began to write his own plays and take them to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but ultimately decided that comedy was less depressing and in 2006 began his stand-up career with a show entitled 'Brett Goldstein Grew Up in a Strip Club'. He began appearing to a wider audience in a variety of television sitcoms, including 'Derek', 'Uncle', 'Drifters' and the Emmy award winning "Hoff The Record". In 2015 he wrote and starred in the title role of 'SuperBob', a superhero romantic comedy set in Peckham, directed by his old classmate from Sutton Jon Drever. Brett has become an award winning actor, writer and stand up, and over time has made three more hours of stand up that premiered in Edinburgh and toured the UK and overseas: 'Brett Goldstein Contains Scenes Of An Adult Nature', 'Brett Goldstein: Burning Man', and 'Brett Goldstein: What Is Love Baby Don't Hurt Me'.


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