Image of Paul Farrell

Paul Farrell


Image of Paul Farrell



According to the Rules Jack Conway 1974-09-03
Fugitive Fr. Provincial 1974-12-05
A Clockwork Orange Tramp 1971-12-19
Guns in the Heather Groundskeeper 1969-07-07
Hot Millions Larry 1968-09-19
Die, Monster, Die! Jason 1965-10-26
Alive and Kicking Postman 1959-07-13
This Other Eden McNeely 1959-01-01
She Didn't Say No! Darmody 1958-09-30
The Rising of the Moon Jim O'Brien - 2nd Episode 1957-08-10
My Brother Jonathan Dr. Lucas 1948-02-05
Ourselves Alone Hogan 1936-04-27