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Keanu Reeves

1964-09-02 Beirut, Lebanon

Image of Keanu Reeves


Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian actor. Reeves is known for his roles in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Speed, Point Break, and The Matrix trilogy as Neo. He has collaborated with major directors such as Stephen Frears (in the 1988 period drama Dangerous Liaisons); Gus Van Sant (in the 1991 independent film My Own Private Idaho); and Bernardo Bertolucci (in the 1993 film Little Buddha). Referring to his 1991 film releases, The New York Times' critic, Janet Maslin, praised Reeves' versatility, saying that he "displays considerable discipline and range. He moves easily between the buttoned-down demeanor that suits a police procedural story and the loose-jointed manner of his comic roles." A repeated theme in roles he has portrayed is that of saving the world, including the characters of Ted Logan, Buddha, Neo, Johnny Mnemonic, John Constantine and Klaatu.


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One Summer in Austin: The Story of Filming 'A Scanner Darkly' Himself / Bob Arctor 2006-12-19
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The Matrix Revolutions: Neo Realism - Evolution of Bullet Time Himself 2004-04-06
The Matrix Recalibrated Self 2004-04-06
Mind Over Matter: The Physicality of the Matrix Future Himself 2004-04-06
The Matrix Revolutions Revisited Himself 2004-12-07
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The Devil's Advocate Kevin Lomax 1997-10-17
The Last Time I Committed Suicide Harry 1997-06-20
Feeling Minnesota Jjaks Clayton 1996-09-13
Chain Reaction Eddie Kasalivich 1996-08-02
A Walk in the Clouds Paul Sutton 1995-08-11
Johnny Mnemonic Johnny Mnemonic 1995-05-26
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Julian Gitche 1994-05-13
Speed Jack Traven 1994-06-09
Freaked Ortiz the Dog Boy 1993-09-11
Little Buddha Siddharta 1993-12-01
Much Ado About Nothing Don Juan 1993-05-07
Bram Stoker's Dracula Jonathan Harker 1992-11-13
Making 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' Himself 1992-12-31
Blood Lines: Dracula - The Man. The Myth. The Movies. Self 1992-01-01
Providence Eric 1991-01-01
Point Break FBI Special Agent John 'Johnny' Utah 1991-01-31
My Own Private Idaho Scott Favor 1991-02-01
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Ted Logan / Evil Ted 1991-07-19
I Love You to Death Marlon James 1990-04-06
Tune in Tomorrow... Martin Loader 1990-10-26
Life Under Water Kip 1989-04-12
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Ted Logan 1989-02-17
Parenthood Tod Higgins 1989-07-31
The Prince of Pennsylvania Rupert Marshetta 1988-10-10
Permanent Record Chris Townsend 1988-04-22
The Night Before Winston Connelly 1988-04-15
Dangerous Liaisons Le Chevalier Raphael Danceny 1988-12-21
Flying Tommy 1986-05-14
River's Edge Matt 1986-08-27
Act of Vengeance Buddy Martin 1986-09-04
Young Again Michael Riley 1986-05-11
Youngblood Heaver 1986-01-31
Babes In Toyland Jack Fenton / Jack-be-Nimble 1986-12-19
The Brotherhood of Justice Derek 1986-05-18
Under the Influence Eddie Talbot 1986-09-28
One Step Away Ron Petrie 1985-09-13
Letting Go Stereo Teen #1 1985-05-11
Constantine 2 John Constantine
Past Midnight
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