Image of Michael Shamus Wiles

Michael Shamus Wiles

1955-10-27 Everett, Washington, USA

Image of Michael Shamus Wiles



No Running 2021-06-11
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The Bronze Vet 2016-01-22
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Hard Ground Mundo 2003-07-12
Night of the Wolf Crawford 2002-04-15
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A.I. Artificial Intelligence Cop 2001-06-29
Pearl Harbor Marc Mitscher 2001-05-21
Spanish Judges Wellings 2000-10-16
Hellraiser: Inferno Mr. Parmagi 2000-10-03
Fight Club Bartender in Halo 1999-10-15
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Held Up Biker 1999-10-08
The X Files Black-Haired Man 1998-06-19
The Negotiator Taylor 1998-07-29
Fallen Prison Guard 1998-01-16
Desperate Measures Tough Inmate 1998-01-30
Lost Highway Guard Mike 1997-01-15
Steel Skinhead #2 1997-08-15
Danger Zone 4: Mad Girls, Bad Girls Nose 1994-08-23
Death Riders Nose 1994-08-23
Puppet Master 4 Stanley 1993-11-24
Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III Checkpoint Officer 1990-01-12
Cole Justice Wes Santee 1989-09-12
Vampire at Midnight Gunman 1 1988-06-01
Terror at Tenkiller Tor 1986-08-03