Image of Michael Shamus Wiles

Michael Shamus Wiles

1955-10-27 Everett, Washington, USA

Image of Michael Shamus Wiles


Michael Shamus Wiles (born October 27, 1955) is an American character actor of film and television onscreen since the 1980s who has appeared in over 100 films and television shows. He portrayed Marc Mitscher in Pearl Harbor and Mr. Parmagi in Hellraiser: Inferno. He is also known for recurring roles as ASAC George Merkert on Breaking Bad and as Jury on Sons of Anarchy. Other notable appearances include Puppet Master 4, Lost Highway, Fight Club, Rock Star and Transformers. In 2011, he appeared in Rockstar Games hit detective game L.A. Noire as Fire Chief Albert Lynch. He appeared in a 2015 production of the Hydrogen Jukebox.


Two Weeks of Terror! The Making of Terror at Tenkiller Self 2023-07-25
Outsiders 2022-03-11
Lake Alice Hank 2018-07-18
Eat Me Frank 2018-03-02
Tales of the American Self 2017-11-30
Death Note Captain 2017-08-25
The Bronze Vet 2016-01-22
Loaded Sherriff 2014-03-08
K-11 Captain Davis 2013-03-15
The Lords of Salem Jarrett Perkins 2013-04-18
Ticket Out Danvers 2011-07-20
Hydra Captain Sweet 2009-02-20
Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee Police Officer Williams 2007-01-21
The Attackmen Coach West 2007-05-04
Smiley Face Officer Jones 2007-11-16
The Gene Generation Solemn 2007-09-27
Transformers Two Star General 2007-06-27
Special Cop 2006-11-17
Entity: Nine Senator Jameson 2006-03-08
Art School Confidential Donald Baumgarten 2006-05-05
Neo Ned Ned's Dad 2005-04-22
Arthur Hailey's Detective Kralik 2005-01-01
Able Edwards Chairman Lowery 2004-03-15
Hard Ground Mundo 2003-07-12
Night of the Wolf Crawford 2002-04-15
A.I. Artificial Intelligence Cop 2001-06-29
Rock Star Mr. Cole 2001-09-04
The Theory of the Leisure Class Ben Ekerhardt 2001-07-06
Pearl Harbor Marc Mitscher 2001-05-21
Spanish Judges Wellings 2000-10-16
Hellraiser: Inferno Mr. Parmagi 2000-10-31
Held Up Biker 1999-10-08
Magnolia Captain Muffy 1999-12-10
Fight Club Bartender in Halo 1999-10-15
The Negotiator Taylor 1998-07-29
Fallen Prison Guard 1998-01-16
Desperate Measures Tough Inmate 1998-01-30
The X Files Black-Haired Man 1998-06-19
Steel Skinhead #2 1997-08-15
Lost Highway Guard Mike 1997-01-15
Death Riders Nose 1994-08-23
Danger Zone 4: Mad Girls, Bad Girls Nose 1994-08-23
Under Investigation Forensic Officer 1993-11-17
Puppet Master 4 Stanley 1993-11-24
Trancers 3: Deth Lives Police Officer #1 1992-10-14
Crash and Burn Cop (uncredited) 1990-06-04
Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III Checkpoint Officer 1990-01-12
Cole Justice Wes Santee 1989-09-12
Vampire at Midnight Gunman 1 1988-06-01
The Danger Zone Curtis 1987-01-01
Terror at Tenkiller Tor 1986-08-03