Image of Nigel Planer

Nigel Planer


Image of Nigel Planer



Jeepers Creepers American Reporter (voice) 2020-10-12
Completely Bad News Den Dennis 2019-11-29
How The Young Ones Changed Comedy 2018-05-26
Ratburger Headmaster 2017-12-24
Red Top Rupert Murdoch 2016-01-20
Burn Burn Burn Henry 2016-10-28
From Andy Pandy To Zebedee: The Golden Age of Children's Television Narrator 2015-12-21
I Give It a Year Brian 2013-02-08
The List Ted Rove 2013-07-05
The Hunt for Tony Blair Peter Mandelson 2011-10-15
Heavy Metal Britannia Narrator 2010-03-07
How to Be Old with Nicholas Craig Nicholas Craig 2009-07-14
Prog Rock Britannia Narrator 2009-01-02
Marty Feldman: Six Degrees of Separation Self - Narrator (voice) 2008-03-31
Hogfather Mr. Sideney 2007-10-12
Flood Keith Hopkins 2007-08-24
How To Be Eighteenth Century Nicholas Craig 2006-07-06
Sex Actually 2005-12-28
Bright Young Things 2003-05-16
The Land Girls Gerald 1998-06-12
You Are Here Sheldon Cohen 1998-12-30
Diana & Me Taxi Driver 1997-12-04
The Wind in the Willows Car Salesman 1996-10-16
Clockwork Mice Parkey 1995-06-22
Santa's First Christmas Romuald the Reindeer 1992-12-25
Carry On Columbus The Wazir 1992-10-02
La souris du Père Noël Romuald the Reindeer 1991-12-01
The Trials of Oz John Peel 1991-11-09
GLC: The Carnage Continues TV Presenter 1990-02-05
Frankenstein's Baby 1990-09-09
The Strike Bernard/Old Man/Camp Actor 1988-02-20
More Bad News Den Dennis 1988-02-27
Eat the Rich DHSS Manager 1987-06-01
The Supergrass Gunter 1985-11-08
Brazil Charlie--Dept. of Works 1985-02-20
A Fistful of Travellers' Cheques Paul 1984-07-30
Bad News Tour Den Dennis 1983-01-24
Group Madness Self 1983-06-11
Yellowbeard Mansell 1983-06-24
The Comic Strip 1981-01-01